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I am SUPER excited to announce my brand new workshop


all a about painting dreamy, fun, and magical portraits with watercolor! This class has been much anticipated, and so despite my busy schedule lately, I knew I had to fit it in or you before October! I have already filmed the first lesson (the photo here) and will be opening Early Bird registration August the 1st.
The class will begin early to mid September. I hope you all will join me in this wonderful new adventure of watercolor fun and magic!
Look out for the promo video, following soon!! xo

New Phototastic Collage





Feeling SUPER excited about teaching on Ever After this year! So many awesome teachers and fairy-tale inspiration! The course will be FABULOUS! 🙂



Will you come and follow us into the land of myth and fairytales?  I sure hope you will! I’m super excited to share my lesson with you!

We will be spending 4 months making beautiful fairy-tale inspired art and we will develop our own style and unique story while we’re at it! Sounds intriguing? Read on! 🙂

“Ever After” is a mixed media art & style development course with a fairytale theme hosted by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts. Tam is joined by 12 popular mixed media art teachers who will all share beautiful fairy-tale inspired lessons with you AND they will also divulge all their hints and tips on how they developed their own style and how YOU TOO can find your own unique voice as an artist! 🙂 Yay!

You can find out all the deets (and sign up with the Early Bird price code MAGIC2017) by clicking HERE

My chosen fairy tale is the myth of Gaia, Mother Nature.

mother nature EA2017

We will be exploring my favorite ways of visual story-telling using watercolors to create luminous tones, texture and details.

Registration is NOW OPEN! Yay!


The classroom opens on July 1st.


So if you want to start your summer drawing and painting fairy-tales, exploring your own personal story and style and hang out with a wonderful creative community of like-minded souls, be sure to join us now ! 🙂 Sign up to this year’s Ever After or Find out more HERE.
I hope you’ll join us on this magical journey, see you there! xox


Join us for a
FREE 2 Day online Creative Retreat
with 16 inspiring artists offering lessons including:
mixed media, art journaling, creative processes, techniques & more!



retreatsquarefaces copy

At this online creative event you will meet 16 amazing Artist/Teacher/Mentor/Guides as well experience some of the magic they share with the world. Each teacher will be offering up a lesson FREE (live for 24 hours) to inspired you, to stimulate your own creative practice and/or learn new techniques and approaches.  So much goodness!!

This workshop is for anyone who creates or feels the desire to create, who wishes to be inspired, who wishes to explore with curiosity, who wants to play in the field of possibilities and dance with the muses and their brilliance. This is for you brilliant creative soul!


Your creative journey should not be limited to one weekend so we’ve created the ONGOING RETREAT PACKAGE. This includes extended access to the lesson from the weekend of the retreat as well as a new lesson sent out weekly over the next five months. Join us as we make Creative Retreat a practice to sustain our path, nurture our souls and support our creative unfolding!

Come check it out, I hope to see you there! 😉



Painting with feeling





We all love soulful art right?

Maybe you’ve been wanting to become even more expressive in your own art? Channel your emotions and personality through your brush onto your canvas?

I believe each and every one of us has an amazing story to tell.

We all experience emotions and strong feelings all the time, whether they be of joy, of hope, of love or of gratitude. Of pain, of sadness, frustration or of anger.  Sometimes we need to express these feelings in some way or other, but for fear, we don’t, and we keep it to ourselves.

I strongly believe that expressing our emotions through our art can be not only refreshing, but extremely satisfying, and even healing.  

We open that window into our feelings, that small peek into what is really happening behind the scenes.

A glimpse into our soul.

I would like to show you my methods, tips and tricks of doing this, how I like to express my emotions in my art, by just letting go and trusting the process. I hope to inspire you to create expressive, emotional portraits, and most of all, to just let go, and have some fun!

I hope you will join us!

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I will also be teaching  in Olga Furman’s workshop “PAINT YOUR HEART AND SOUL”


The class is already open since January the 4th, and there are loads of talented teachers who will be sharing their techniques and painting process every week of the year.

A whole year of inspiration for a super convenient price!

Come check it out here !

I will be showing how I make this painting “Soul Whispers”, and share my techniques and process with you 🙂

Soul Whispers