Italy spring retreat 2023


What a magical experience for all of those involved!

Our beautiful location was at Fattoria La Quercia – A bio farm in the midst of rolling hills, vineyards, and beautiful nature.


Our creative time together special and I miss them already! We painted mostly outside in the garden as we spent hours painting, laughing, chatting, and creating special bond between all of us.

We covered my mixed media techniques of layering with inks and acrylics, all the while staying intuitive and playful for the most magical results!

“This retreat was absolutely fantastic! I especially enjoyed learning new techniques and stretching my boundaries of what I usually do. This has opened up a whole new level of creativity, and by the end I felt like my level of skill was improving very quickly.” – Susan

“This was a beautiful relaxing, instructive, and joyful experience! Especially sitting outside in the gardens, the meals, the location, the caring people, the welcome, the rooms, the warmth, and farewell concert. I would defenately return!” – Jeannette

“This was an incredible experience! It was everything I hoped for and more… Katrina went above and to make it so enjoyable. I learned a lot and the food and incredible. We has a great balance between painting and excursions, and the great finale was so special. I look forward to going on another one again!” -Cindy

our excursions in venice and bologna

We had a magical time touring Venice and a fun afternoon in Bologna between sightseeing tours, shopping, gondola rides, good food, drinks, and much more!

“This was the best ever with perfect portions of tie between painting, excursions, and the cooking class. I especially enjoyed the instruction and feedback, the small group size, food, excursions, shopping, and hope to return in the future!” – Lynn

italian cooking class

For something extra fun and unique, we organized an Italian cooking class one afternoon with our hosts and cooks Federica and Andrea.

The ladies had so much fun learning all the different types of pasta, gnocchi, and lasagna, and tasting them later!

“This was much better than I expected! It was much more than a retreat – a life experience I will treasure forever. There was a great balance of painting, activities, great food, and wine. And I loved that Katrina’s family was involved in the meals and excursions, it gave me a sense of family.” Silvina

“I had the best time! The learning experience was awesome, also the meals and tours, plus the cooking class! I learned new techniques that I will surely apply in my painting process, and I loved the companionship in the group. Thank you for these wonderful days and sharing your little art secrets with us. And the goodbye surprise concert was beyond my expectations!” – Suzi

A heartfelt thank you to all those that participated, and I can’t wait to invite you all to this magical place once again!

“This retreat was nurturing on so many levels, starting with Katrina’s love and care, the accomodation, environment, food and wine. I loved our painting process, the flow in general was very relaxing, as well as the group size. The staff on the bio-dynamic farm was exquisite and I loved the views, nature, and opera singers! I will cherish this experience.” – Isha