A guiding light – Original painting


It’s funny sometimes when we paint from our subconscious, and we just follow our intuition, without knowing what it all means till it’s complete.
I don’t often paint underwater scenes, the Reason being that years ago I suffered from depression and felt like I was drowning. I dreamt this scene often, dark waters around over my head, sounds all Around me muted and distorted. But the light from above was still visible, a distant glow, a guiding light in the night.
Sometimes I could sense a hand that held mine, guiding me back through the deep, leading the way.
Many years ago I had the beautiful experience to swim Beside some amazing sea turtles, it was one of the most magical experiences. Turtles symbolize healing and self care and self love, among other things. they are also deeply connected with the earth and its magic. So I am not surprised they showed up, out of my subconscious and into the painting too.

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Acrylic, 14×18 inch (45×35 cm) on canvas board


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