Spiritual Freedom – Ocean series


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Size: 12 x 12 inches (30x30cm)

Materials used: Oils & mixed media on stretched canvas

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I have always been fascinated with Eagle rays and their magnificent grace and strength.
Their graceful movement reminds us to navigate through life’s challenges with ease and grace, maintaining balance and harmony.
Their unique spotted pattern represents uniqueness and individuality, reminding us to embrace our own personal gifts and talents.
Their beautiful wing-like fins symbolize the connection to the spiritual realms, freedom, and the ability to explore, grow, and evolve in our spiritual journey.

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More about me and my methods


My creative process when I paint is very intuitive.

Often I begin a piece without a specific idea in mind and just let it evolve as I go with the flow. Many times I paint from my dreams and soul memories that emerge as I create, letting my heart and soul lead the way.     

My inspiration comes from my dream journeys, the faery and elven realms, the beautiful nature of forests and the sea, ancient symbols and sacred geometry, angelic and spirit realms animals, and of course, all things mystical magical.     

My intention is to create beautiful art that will empower, inspire, and bring soul connection and magick to those who view it. 

I hope you enjoy my soul creations.