So Much More Than Meets The Eye


Approx  590 USD (depending on today’s exchange rate)
Size: 50 x 50 x 3.5 cm (approx 20 x 20 x 1.5 in)

Materials used: Oil on gallery wrapped canvas


Shipping & tracking with DHL Express 
(For large original art on canvas, shipping preps can take up to two weeks due to drying times and export documents needed.)
How many times do people see you for who you really are?
There are so many misconceptions and pre-conceived ideas are made in first impressions, without really understanding the depth of that person and what they may have been through in their personal journey.
If only people would stop, really look and see through the mask that people wear. To look in the eyes and see one’s true soul, the essence of what he or she truly is.
Every day we unknowingly put up a wall around ourselves – a wall of protection that hides us away from the world, so that no one can hurt or take advantage of us. Because it’s safer that way.
But little do we know we are hiding our soul’s light that way, inevitably creating the misconceptions and pre-conceived ideas.
It all begins with believing that we are strong enough to be open, to be vulnerable, to be unique.
Because in our own uniqueness lies our strengths.
Each one of us is capeable to be something wonderful, to make a difference, and to step outside of the crowd!
No one will ever be as uniquely you as yourself…
Let’s begin by seeing others as we wish they would see us… And you’ll be surprised at how wonderful it can be to be truly seen.

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More about me and my methods


My creative process when I paint is very intuitive.

Often I begin a piece without a specific idea in mind and just let it evolve as I go with the flow. Many times I paint from my dreams and soul memories that emerge as I create, letting my heart and soul lead the way.     

My inspiration comes from my dream journeys, the faery and elven realms, the beautiful nature of forests and the sea, ancient symbols and sacred geometry, angelic and spirit realms animals, and of course, all things mystical magical.     

My intention is to create beautiful art that will empower, inspire, and bring soul connection and magick to those who view it. 

I hope you enjoy my soul creations.



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