Whispers of Nature workshop


For as long as I remember I have been painting animals. So it seemed natural I would combine my love for animal guides with pastels. Since I was a kid, my very first artworks were animals in pastel. Later, my love for portraits grew as well so I couldn’t help but combine these three elements in this one exciting class!

I will be sharing both my soft pastel and oil pastel techniques, while we explore the animal spirit realm and how we can communicate and work with nature and our power animal guides… A real adventure into the wild!

This class is for anyone who loves pastel and wants to get familiar with them and discover interesting combinations with mixed media… but most of all this class is for those who want to bring more magic in their art and lives by reconnecting with nature and it’s wonderful spirits, bringing guidance, empowerment and healing.

We will be covering several topics and techniques such as:

  • Getting familiar with both soft pastels and oil pastels
  • Layering with pastel to create luminous skin tones
  • Exploring both front and profile portraits in pastel
  • Painting hands with soft pastel
  • Discovering how to connect with our animal guides
  • Exercises and techniques on how to read and tune into their messages
  • Using texture and mixed media as a base for oil pastels
  • Creating interesting and unique backgrounds
  • Painting animals in detail with oil and soft pastel
  • using additional elements of nature in our portraits to tell a visual story
  • How to call on our power animals for guidance, direction and healing.
  • How we can bring more magic into our lives and art
  • Exploring different types of pastel media and pastel paper
  • and much more…

I hope you will join me for this magical journey into the wild as we learn to listen to it’s whispers. 🙂



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