About Katrina


Artist statement:

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I come from a childhood of often travelling, discovering, and seeing new places. Originally of German nationality, but born in South East Asia, we were full-time volunteers, doing natural disaster relief work in countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Japan.




I think that’s one thing that greatly influenced my art later on. I love to cheer people up with my art and create beautiful worlds of magic and mystery, stories of hope and beauty.


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I now live in Italy with my 2 boys and Italian husband.Β  I have now become full-time artist, teacher and mom, painting every day with mixed media and watercolors. I love write stories and poems with my art, and my art is often inspired by the fairytales I invent for my boy’s bedtime. I long to tell stories through art, whisking away the viewer to an enchanted land where anything is possible.



I am truly happy and blessed to be able to do what I love, and share my techniques, art and stories with others.


I believe there is magic to be found in everything, and each and every one of us. We are all creative souls longing to be heard and to express.

My wish is to help others find their creative voice, and their magic, through sharing my journey. Of how I discovered my authentic self through art.

I hope you will join me on this journey of self-discovery and finding your true voice, and your creative magic.

Welcome to my website.




6 thoughts on “About Katrina

  1. OK, so does lifetime access mean I can go on your website and access any class I have taken with you? I did Watercolor Dreams and absolutely love it, but never did get it to download. I will be on the road, doing Into the Myst on an iPad so will need to be able to access it on line. thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and creativity


    1. Hi Sherrie, yes you can access anytime with your password in the classroom section πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad you liked watercolor dreams! The downloading link is right under the videos, clicking on the link it takes you to the vimeo page where there is a download button ;)much love!


  2. I bought Watercolor Dreams a few minutes ago but never got any follow up email. On your web site it said instant access to the class. Just curious. Thank you!


  3. Just bought class was looking sooo forward to it but can’t access it don’t have and have never set up password whats the secret here????


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