About Katrina

Katrina Koltes is a full-time artist based in Bologna, Italy where she lives with her two kids and husband.

She comes from an international childhood of traveling worldwide doing disaster relief work, and rehabilitation art programs.

Much of her creative inspiration comes from her life’s experiences and travels, from spending time in the nature, connecting with the mysteries of the universe.

She especially enjoys painting empowering portraits and figures of women; mystical and magical worlds; and also creates her own line of Mystic Jewelry and clay sculptures.

Katrina says: “Through my art I love to create a mystical experience.

With each painting I inspire healing and personal transformation.”

In 2016 she began teaching her own online and in-person art workshops, as well as in collaborative international workshops.

She recently graduated in an intense Mastery program with MAI to hone her skills further, and was a contestant in the “Outstanding Artist” talent show 2022, soon to be broadcasted worldwide.

Katrina’s work is being featured in Vogue UK’s printed magazine and online retail gallery for October through December 2022 issues, and Vanity Fair UK November through February 2022 issues.

This past year she exhibited in the Ducal Palace in Genova with Divulgarti Group, and at the Regina Dei Quadri in Bologna, Italy.

She collaborates with various galleries such as MADS Milano and the Van Gogh Gallery and Carey Gallery in Spain, and has collaborated with the New York composer Margin Alexander who composed music inspired by her artwork.

She also collaborates with Diamond Art Club and Craftibly USA.

Katrina is currently working on many new collections for upcoming shows in 2022, including an online solo show October 18th-21st, the International Art Fair in Barcelona this November, and a solo show in Carey Gallery (Spain) in February 2023.

Artist statement

“I used to be so hard on myself when I failed in something.
But when we take those failures and turn them into triumphs it is a powerful learning experience.
Every bad choice is a lesson learned.
Every bad painting is the building block for an amazing one.
Every challenge in life makes us grateful for the good times.

And whenever I feel like giving up, I remember why I started creating in the first place, why is my story important, how I can share it without fear, inspiring others to do the same.
I take the lessons have I learned in life, and I transform them into my art.
Art can powerfully transformative and healing.
Every one of us has a powerful creative voice if we just have the courage to express it.”

With much love and light,

Katrina Koltes

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