About Katrina

Katrina is a professional artist based in Bologna Italy.

Her intention is to bring empowerment, healing and soul connection through her art and teachings.

Much of her inspiration comes from spending time in the nature, working with crystal energy, and connecting with the Elven and Faerie realms.

Artist statement

When I create – whether is be painting, creating jewelry – I always feel a strong connection with the Divine.

I often receive visions, symbols, and soul memories, revealing the unseen realms while I create.

I have often felt the presence of angels, ancestors, and elven and faerie beings.

In my readings I also access the Akashic Records to bring clarity, discover soul origins, and bring healing where needed.

My background:

I come from a unique background of constant travel, and living in difficult realities and circumstances.

I grew up living communally and with a very intense day-to-day life, doing full-time disaster relief work, and rehabilitation programs for both the physically and mentally sick.

From the start of my life, I had developed a strong bond with the Divine in order to get through extremely challenging circumstances and realities.

In my early teen years I suffered from a painful trauma that brought me into a deep creative block and complete disconnection of self. Only after many years of soul searching I was able to step into my true self and soul alignment, breaking away from fear and trauma, and connect to my soul purpose through art.

Those dark times cracked me open to reveal a deep inner strength, and build a solid connection with my soul.

All of my art, teachings, and readings come from that healing journey that I have been through.

I share my creative process with the intention to inspire others, to empower, and to light up the world through the power of our art.

With much love and light,

Katrina Koltes

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6 thoughts on “About Katrina

  1. Dear Katrina, I just want to thank you for all the free tutorials, and the amazing, magical art classes that you offer!!
    There truly is something magical about your classes, for when I am painting along with your instructions, I forget about all worries and am totally involved in the work !! You are an amazing teacher !! Thank you,
    Sandy B

    1. Hi Sandy I whole heartedly agree with you. Katrina has such a gentleness about her and I forget to eat/drink and I forget my pain so I take less pain medication. Isn’t it wonderful, Thank you Lorraine

  2. Hi Katrina, I have found a place of beauty and wonder without judgement here.

    I have to thank you for that it doesn’t exist in many places rather judgement seems to be acceptable. As a child I was always in trouble for day dreaming and I would see people and things that were there but not in the same realm. I tried very hard to explain it but sent to speak with a children’s welfare worker in the UK in 1966. She listened asked me some random questions then said to me wait until you are older what you see is your reality but you have to grow into it and she gave me little pamplet/book that she had made herself called a lightworker. She told me in 10 years she had only given 2 I was the second. She also told me to walk barefoot when its safe in the grass on the common and pick daisies and make daisy chains. Ask a tree or plant before taking a piece and thanking them after and to be in touch with the earth. I felt accepted.

    I have always had the ability to see beyond this realm and dream in vivid colors, especially a stunning shimmery amethyst. I didn’t tell anyone else except my grandma. She told me I was a child of the rock (she was a Scot and it was accepted there). One female in each generation had the gift and there had only ever been one female born in each generation then no more she told me to learn to quiet my mind breathing and relax don’t force anything just let thoughts in and float out now we know it as mediation.

    I have also always felt the pulsing of rocks and I had one which I hand picked from our property that required a huge rig and crane to get to our old house that was my retreat. I called it my thinking space. I could just go out there and meditate feel the energy and time would slip by sadly when we moved to a smaller home we couldn’t take it. I don’t have the ability to recharge myself now I am disabled and unable to get myself outside to feel the dirt, grass, sun or rain or even to try to buy crystals for my chakras.

    This is leaving me off balance. If I could get out I would but I can’t. If anyone knows where to buy quality real crystals online would you kindly send me a link please.

    Ok I apologize for such a lengthy message I just had to let you know how much your classes mean to me.

    1. that’s so special, thank you for sharing your story! I will be posting links for crystal groups in the resources page in the class, and also in my FB group you can see some as well. xoxo

  3. Katrina thank you so much. You are such a gentle soul sharing your gift. I love your classes so much I forget time. I do have to take pain killers because I am stage 4 palliative. We have changed my bedroom around. My husband has moved to a guest room because he worries he might accidentally hurt me by turning and tossing. But he has made my room a beautiful sanctuary. I even have my art table that tilts in here with two lovely french style bookcases either side of the drafting table. The best bit though for me is a. my electric wheelchair now has room to move! but more importantly he put a birdbath outside my room with lovely nectar trees to feed the lorrikeets and rosellas etc. and it is right beside me. I have my bed right beside the length of the window and it is just magical. When he feeds them he taps on the window and I open up the curtains and watch the antics of the birds/
    Sorry again but I love life and all that goes with it.
    Thank you again

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