About Katrina

I am an intuitive artist and oracle.

My soul mission is to help people empower, connect, and bring soul remembrance through the power of my art, guidance and readings. I am a Divine Messenger, Communicator of Truth, Revealer of the unseen from the Spirit realm into the Physical realm, and Messenger of the Spirit.

Much of my inspiration comes from spirit walking, meditating, and spending time in the nature with Earth energy, Moon energy, magic of the elements, and connecting with the Faerie and Crystal Realm . I work closely with my guides, the divine spirit and universe, channeling soul activating messages of healing, of hope and of life.

I am an angelic soul type. As an oracle, spirit communicates with me through visions, speaking, downloads, symbols, and especially when I create. They provide insight through channeling with me from the higher planes, spirit and angelic realms, star systems, and the elemental realms. I have powerful past lives such as Warrior Goddess channeling Valkyrie, Faeries, and Shamans, and still channel them.

My readings are not focused on the prediction of the future, but on delivering the message of truth, of what is relevant right now.

I have contacted with ancestral spirits, deities, angels, star beings, ascended masters, spiritual guides. I can also access the Akashic Records to bring clarity and guidance for any soul healing that is needed in this life and past lives, and discover soul origins.

My readings very in-depth and guided by my powerful spirit team.

My background:

I come from a unique background of travelling and living in difficult realities and circumstances.

I grew up living communally and with a very intense day-to-day life, doing full-time disaster relief work, and rehabilitation programs for both the physically and mentally sick.

From the start of my life, I have had a strong bond and communication with Source and the Creator of this planet, as well as spirit.

Later in my early teen years I suffered from a painful trauma that brought me into the Dark Night of the Soul, and a creative block and complete disconnection of self. Only after many years of deep soul searching and retrieval, I was able to step into my true self and soul alignment, breaking away from fear and trauma, and connect to my soul purpose.

Those dark times, as difficult and painful as they were, left me open to build a deep inner strength, infinite learning, and a solid connection with spirit.

Looking back now, I can see that sometimes we need to experience this Dark Night of Soul to crack open and let the light in. To awaken and grow, remembering our soul purpose, and what we are meant to do here on this earth.

All of my teachings and readings come from that healing journey that I have been through. I share my creative process with the intention to help guide people back to their soul path and light, as I was.

I feel grateful every day to be able to share this with you.

With much love and light,

Katrina Koltes

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