Through my art I create a mystical experience;

Each painting inspires healing and personal transformation.

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What people are saying

“I’m thankful for Katrina for believing in me. She’s a wonderful and loving guide, and taught me to paint beyond my fears, to defeat the voice inside my head that kept saying “I can’t do it”. I learned that every creation is beautiful because it comes from our hearts and has it’s own story to tell.” – R. Ann

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A portrait by Katrina is a true and amazing gift to yourself. Profound and deep layers of my soul were revealed. Not only is she an amazing artist but also a very gifted channel and reader. The extensive reading that accompanied the portrait was a great addition to the painting. And the sacred time and space that Katrina holds during the reading are of great worth.” – J. Loeffen


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“This was the most incredible, humbling and heart moving moment. I have never had any experience with readings or guides and I was a little apprehensive as to what I could expect. Katrina was so gentle and compassionate throughout the whole process. She spoke about several of my past lives and since my reading I have been able to let go of feelings of guilt I have always carried with me. Through my reading she was also able to help me connect with my guide. It was honestly one of the most moving things I have every experienced.
Then my painting arrived…..I have never felt such a connection to anything like this before. It takes my breathe away every time I look at it. Katrina you are so amazingly talented and such a beautiful soul. I can’t thank u enough.
For anyone that may be thinking about having a reading done by Katrina, do it. It will be the most incredible thing u will ever do..”

Amanda for “Soul activation portrait”

“This workshop is the best workshop I ever followed. I love the combination of creativity and spirituality, maybe because it’s also my way of working and giving workshops, For me it’s fits perfectly together. It has been the thing I’ve been looking for A long long time. A homecoming where all the pieces falls together. I will never again doubt my own intuition.
And that’s the greatest gift I received from you.
I loved every part of this workshop, and you have put a lot of work into it. Really stunning, so much information in all the different aspects of this course. I’ve learned a lot about watercolor, making wands and journals, and your meditations are so peaceful and calming.
I’ve found a big part of myself that was lost for a long time.”

Jenny for “Between the Realms” Workshop

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