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I am an artist and who seeks magic and mystery everyday…

and when I don’t find, I create it!

I paint my visions, my dreams, and journeys. I create from the inner depths of my soul.

My wish is to help others connect with their intuition, to discover their own secret magic through art.




I’m a member of the exclusive collective Heartful Soul where I sell my original art monthly.  Each month I create original artwork with a theme dedicated to this event. (Once a year I may have a SOLO auction or participate in another auction as well from another collective.)

Every month I will update this feed with the event of the month, so it is vital to sign up to my newsletter to get updates and previews of what will be available and various news and giveaways so you don’t miss out! 🙂




Here is a little sneak peek of some of the pieces I will have available..

New Phototastic Collage.jpg

To participate in the auction a Facebook account is required. Bids are placed in the comment section, with $5 increments starting from the stated “starting bid” price.
Some of the pieces have also a “Buy it Now / BIN” option which can be used by writing “BIN” in your comment.
Anonymous bids can be placed by writing a private message to the Heartful Soul collective.

Feel free to email me with any questions.


Prints of my work are available upon request, since I have them made, hand sign them and ship them myself from Italy, I can give you a total of cost + shipping when you contact me. Special edition prints are also occasionally offered during my monthly auctions.


I occasionally take commissions, depending on the requirements and time frame of the piece. Since I am producing a large body of monthly work for my auctions and also holding online classes I can only accept a limited amount at a time  so just email me at katekoltes@gmail.com or PM me in FB or IG for availability and what ideas you have, and we can work something out!


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