Soul Sessions

All my soul sessions and readings are designed to activate your soul gifts, and guide you into your full power.

When choosing a session allow your heart to lead you.

  • Are you looking for a real powerful soul activation, something that will ignite your soul memory and purpose on this Earth?
  • Are you looking for healing or empowerment from past lives?
  • Do you need guidance and clarity on the next steps to take in your journey?

The world needs your light!

All of my sessions are with the purpose to reconnect you back to your soul’s light, give guidance and healing, and ignite the divine power within you.

You can read more about me and my soul journey here, or scroll down to read what others are saying about these sessions.

You can also view a gallery of some of the Soul Portraits created from these sessions here:

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I’m looking forward to connecting with you!


Take a look at some of the paintings from these sessions

what people are saying about these sessions…

This was the most incredible, humbling and heart moving moment. I have never had any experience with readings or guides and I was a little apprehensive as to what I could expect. Katrina was so gentle and compassionate throughout the whole process. She spoke about several of my past lives and since my reading I have been able to let go of feelings of guilt I have always carried with me. Through my reading she was also able to help me connect with my guide. It was honestly one of the most moving things I have every experienced.
Then my painting arrived…..I have never felt such a connection to anything like this before. It takes my breathe away every time I look at it.
For anyone that may be thinking about having a reading done by Katrina, do it. It will be the most incredible thing u will ever do
.” – (Amanda M. for Soul portrait and reading)

My soul portrait and reading experience was so fantastic that words don’t seem to do it justice. The second I saw my soul portrait, my body experienced a flush of goose bumps. It was pure magic. It felt like coming home. I’ve listened to the reading twice now, allowing lots of integration time in between. The first time I listened I experienced tear many times – tears of recognition, of acknowledgment; I felt something unlock deep inside. The second time I listened, I made notes (12 pages!) and felt so many pieces fall into place. There was SO much information – confirmation, validation, encouragement, clarity, Light shining through. A really interesting development is that since my reading, a wider variety of guides now show up during my meditations (and I’m actually able to see them!). I especially love and treasure the letter from my soul family that came through during the reading. I feel so blessed to have had this experience, and I am so grateful that I followed the nudge from the Universe to pursue this with Katrina. She is my Angel on Earth.” — Mitzi McMahon for Soul session & portrait

The soul portrait and reading you did for me has been a life-changer in the most possible positive way. I didn’t really know what to expect but every fiber in my body knew it was what I really needed. The whole process was so love-filled, gentle and caring.. it has touched me deeply. And then the day that I got your message that my painting was ready… It was love on first sight, it was everything I had longed for all my life… I found my home in your vision of my soul. Since the day I first saw it I can’t get enough of looking at it…
The reading was so amazing in so many ways… I got answers to questions I have had all my life and I got insights that will help me move forward in my journey. It is really difficult to describe because it’s so personal, so full of wisdom, it will take some time to let it all land in my being and understand and yet it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself… I am forever grateful for you and what you shared with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lots of love
!” Rachelle van Niekerk for Soul Portrait and reading

“Katrina is so incredibly insightful! She revealed much wisdom to me and helped me connect deeper to my guides. Her reading was very thorough and detailed. Through her messages, I was able to understand myself and my path on a whole new level. ” – Ivy Newport for Akashic Record & Soul Reading

Katrina’s soul reading was absolutely beautiful, gentle, heavenly, fascinating, extraordinary, heart, body, mind and eye opening. It is difficult to describe everything that I felt with words. The energy was intensively moving inside of me and all around me, my heart was reacting very strongly. I was moved to tears. I felt surrounded by angels and other light beings. My soul was singing. I have received so many answers to my questions, an amazing guidance about who I am and where I come from. I am so incredibly grateful for this wonderful experience. And my soul portrait is SO beautiful, SO powerful, SO filled with magic. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Katrina!!!!! And thank you once again for doing it for my 50th birthday despite the circumstances. It was the best birthday gift ever!!!! With love and gratitude. ” – Barbara Vega Carro for Soul portrait & reading

“My soul session and portrait is one of the most profound experiences of my life. The wisdom and answers to questions that have plagued me were finally answered. I have watched my soul session twice now and plan to go back for a third viewing. I am eternally grateful and cherish the experience with all my heart and soul. Everything makes sense now and I have attained a feeling of peace. Thank you so much, Katrina for sharing your gifts with me and the world.” – Cheryl Gorman for Soul portrait & reading

“Katrina’s Soul Portrait & Reading is really a wonderful & valuable gift to give yourself. It really is a true awakening & incredibly empowering. It brings clarity , power, remembrance & activation to your soul’s purpose. To who you really are & your life’s/soul’s purpose here on earth. I learned & gained so much knowledge about myself in the past, present & future. So enlightening. It gave me in-depth clarity for me to access my true powers. To help guide me to my soul’s purpose. To follow my intuition & heart. To not be afraid. To have fun in life. That I am supported, loved & safe. It helped address my issues that were/are blocking me to achieve my personal growth & to heal. The sacred time & space was so beautiful, powerful & enlightening. I could feel Katrina’s love, compassion, great intuition & knowledge throughout the entire reading. She explained everything so clearly that I could really understand & grasp everything. My beautiful, fabulous, healing portrait is amazing. Every time I look at it, I see something new. I could feel all the activations with my spirits, angels, animal guides & more. I loved everything about it & I felt so comforted, supported & loved. So enlightening & Extremely informative. You are not only an amazing artist, but a very gifted reader & channeler. I could feel your love, tenderness & compassion the entire time. I’m so glad you are in my life!” – Kim Alzerecca for Soul Portrait & Reading

“I had the most beautiful time watching my soul reading from you. I gained so much wisdom and insights and everything resonated deeply with me.
I appreciate so much that you even added an extended reading to clarify my soul mission. 
You are not just a true talented artist but also a super gifted reader. I felt your beautiful energy during this reading. You are so gifted and I am so grateful for having found you. 
This was the most helpful reading I have ever received. When you connected with my dog Terry and my grandma, I cried happy tears. I also felt this pure love.” –Alexandra Kleinichen for Soul Portrait & Reading

“A soul portrait by Katrina is a true and amazing gift to yourself. Profound and deep layers of my soul were revealed. Exactly what I needed for my development at that point in time. Not only is she an amazing artist but also a very gifted channel and reader. The extensive reading that accompanied the portrait was a great addition to the painting. And the sacred time and space that Katrina holds during the reading are of great worth.  I could feel activations and lines being restored with spirits and energies close to my soul from the moment I commissioned her for a soul portrait. I am looking forward to whatever this beautiful painting still holds for me in the future.  Thank you dear Katrina for sharing your gift of light with me in this way. ” – Judith Loeffen for “Soul activation portrait”

“When I first saw a guide channeling portrait of Katrina, I knew I wanted to do this as well – I never had seen anything like it before. I am so grateful for this magical experience which turned out to be the first step towards my personal legend. The reading messages touched me deeply. I love my painting and all the messages so much, its power, the connection to my ancestors, the way it shows me. You can really feel it all! Katrina is so gifted and such a sweet and loving person, I immensely enjoyed our journey. If you would like to treat yourself to something special, this is it!” – Marlene Biegler for “Spirit Guides Portrait & reading ”

“Thank you so much for this powerful and incredible experience… I didn’t expect such an adventure in my life ! You helped me to collect pieces, elements that were scattered, and others forgotten, buried, broken, “devalued”. You help me to see myself, to look at myself, for real. I love everything, each element, one by one and together, comfort me, whisper to me, remind me… gently. Thank you for everything you do, for who you are. You have a fantastic gift, and a huge, magical talent. ” – Wendy Dewaelheyns for “Soul activation portrait” 

“From the time my spirit found Katrina despite miles and miles of distance, I knew this connection was simply pure Divine Love and Energy. The connection was complete divine intervention and was masterfully placed and put together for us to unfold. I thank you for creating and inspiring me with this piece. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to feel it’s energy in person because it’s there, even just by picture. Thank you for the experience and message. God and spirit showed up with this whole process from start to finish. – Tiara Mcintosh for “Guide Channeling portrait”

I highly recommend this session. Katrina is divinely gifted and a clear channel for Source. So grateful for you and the time you spent for our session.” – Mei-lan Maurits for “Oracle & Akashic reading”

“I was very fortunate to receive a reading by Katrina and I can so recommend it! It was a truly special and unique experience. Katrina really takes the time for you and helps you when you have any life questions. She was even able to connect with my brother and channel a very personal message. Words just can’t express how much this session meant to me and I’m forever grateful. Thank you again so much Katrina.” – Bonita Hendriks for “Soul Reading”