A world of Hope – Outstanding Artist series


(Approx 865 USD according to current exch. rate)
Size: 24 x 36 inches (60 x 90 cm)

Materials used: Oils, gold leaf & mixed media on un-stretched canvas

(will need to be framed or remounted by you)

Shipping & tracking with DHL Express – canvas will be shipped rolled up in tube 
This painting was created during the tenth challenge of the Outstanding Artist show, where I won the challenge as was nominated the first finalist!
(You can watch this episode and my creation of this piece on the You Tube Milan Art Social Channel)
In this challenge we were to paint a landscape depicting our journey as an artist.
Ever since I was little, and living in difficult conditions (due to relief and volunteer work my family did full-time), I saw so much suffering. violence, and devastation.
I dreamed of a world where there was no more suffering, and where everyone could just live peacefully in harmony.
I saw visions of this place in my mind, and longed to bring it to life somehow.
Later as a teenager, when I suffered multiple traumas of loss and abuse, I was able to go to those places in my mind and heart, where I felt safe and at peace.
When I began my career as an artist much later, I thought about why I wanted to be an artist in the first place.
I remembered the promise I made to myself as a child, that I would always strive to bring beauty, hope, and love in this world.
So I try to do this through my creations,  so that those who have or are experiencing difficult times in their life can be reminded that there is always that place of peace and beauty right inside us.
There is always a world of hope right there within us, we just have to find it.

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More about me and my methods


My creative process when I paint is very intuitive.

Often I begin a piece without a specific idea in mind and just let it evolve as I go with the flow. Many times I paint from my dreams and soul memories that emerge as I create, letting my heart and soul lead the way.     

My inspiration comes from my dream journeys, the faery and elven realms, the beautiful nature of forests and the sea, ancient symbols and sacred geometry, angelic and spirit realms animals, and of course, all things mystical magical.     

My intention is to create beautiful art that will empower, inspire, and bring soul connection and magick to those who view it. 

I hope you enjoy my soul creations.