Mother Nature


Do you love to get inspired by nature?

In this workshop I will show you my watercolor techniques, and how we can layer to get a soft glow in our painting.

Nature can be so healing, and I love paint animals and women too.

I also share with you some of my tips and tricks on getting soft transitions and skin tones.


There are a total of five videos including the intro, plus a fifty minute + bonus video where I talk all about style development and what that means to me, and share with you all my tips and ideas on how to develop and cultivate yours!




What will you learn in this class:

  • Getting familiar with our watercolors
  • Exploring A three-quarter turned face with step-by step drawing and painting.
  • Layering with watercolors to create luminous glazes and delicate skin tones
  • Using elements of nature in our portraits to tell a visual story
  • Combining watercolor with color pencil techniques to create depth and detail
  • Applying masking fluid
  • Creating a soft “glow effect” with watercolor
  • Using texture elements to create variation and interest
  • Style development ideas, and suggestions on how to grow in your artistic journey