Chiron – Mythology series


Size: 70 x 50 x 5 cm (approx 20  x 28 x 1.5 inches)

Materials used: Oils & mixed media – on gallery wrapped canvas

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Many years ago, during the time when legends and myths were born, lived fascinating creatures were said to be half men, half horse, with a quick temper and lusty nature.

In Greek mythology centaurs were said to be off-springs of the gods.
One centaur in particular especially fascinated me.
He was said to be the wisest and noblest of them all, and known for his skill in medicine, incantations, and in skill of the hunt.
Legends say he taught many Greek heroes, including Achilles.
It was later said that Zeus immortalized Chiron into the stars, later becoming the constellation of the Sagittarius.

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More about me and my methods


Through my art I create a mystical experience;

Each painting inspires healing and personal transformation.

Many times I paint from my dreams or soul memories that emerge as I create, letting my heart lead the way.     

My inspiration comes from  all things mystical and magical; the faery and elven realms; the beautiful nature of forests and the sea; ancient symbols and sacred geometry; and the angelic and spirit realms.