Soul Whispers


Did you long to create emotion in your art?

To me art has been extremely healing.

Expressing our emotions through art can not only release pain and trauma but can open the road to healing.


In this workshop I show you how I combine watercolor with other mediums to get some special effects, while we tune into what our heart wants to express.


I also share a special little bonus lesson where we create a dreamcatcher together!


We will be covering several topics and techniques such as:
  • Getting familiar with watercolors
  • A step-by step drawing and painting with watercolors, pastel and acrylic.
  • Layering with watercolors to create skin tones
  • Creating intuitively without planning too much, & just letting our heart guide us
  • Combining watercolor with mixed media such as acrylic and pastel pencils
  • Applying texture elements with watercolor to create special effects
  • Creating a simple dreamcatcher for your home
  • And much more…

I hope to see you in class!