Between the Realms

Are you ready to join me on a magical, life changing adventure?

Have you always been drawn to the faery realm?

Are you feeling creatively stuck, repetitive, and unmotivated?

Are you ready to welcome more abundance, joy, and spiritual transformation in your life?

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“Between the Realms is an amazing workshop. It was good for my creative soul during the stress of the Pandemic. There is so much variety & quality lessons along with the magic of the Faeries. I love my Faery Journal. Katrina is a wonderful and inspiring teacher.” Shirley

 Between the realms is for anyone who is looking for some magic in their life as well as more abundance, and more peace and harmony — especially during difficult times. 

Whether you are new to faeries or have worked with them for some time now, in this workshop I share everything I have learned and gathered over these past years.

Maybe you are feeling stuck or blocked and want a breath of fresh air into your creative life. Maybe you just want to learn how to create intuitively and paint from your heart and your soul.

Either way, we will be addressing all of these aspects, both spiritual and creative, in this class. 

You don’t necessarily have to be an artist or have experience with painting to join this class. This workshop is for anyone who wants to bring the light and magic of the faeries into your life right now, inviting transformation, inspiration, and creativity. 

Between the Realms is one of the most comprehensive and fun classes I’ve ever taken…and I’ve taken quite a lot! The class is informative and includes not only painting projects, but beautiful crafts and fairy activities that can be shared with friends and children! The class brought the magic into my life and art! This was a beautiful fairy escape in this stressful time, and I highly recommend that you go one this fanciful fairy adventure!” -Mikell

Special 20% off for the first fifty signups – Only 55 Euros (about 65 USD)!

All videos are downloadable with lifetime access to this class!

In this workshop we will be covering projects such as:
  • Communicating with the faery 
  • Painting faeries (faces and figures) in watercolor
  • Creating our own faery journal
  • Journeying into the faery realm 
  • working with crystals and stones
  • Creating faery rituals, spells and enchantments
  • Painting our dreams
  • Creating a faery wand
  • Healing the earth with the faery
  • Faery history and folklore
  • Methods of protection
  • Working with faeries for healing
  • Creating a faery altar
  • Healing body and soul with the faery
  • Working with oracle cards, automatic writing, and storytelling
  • Creating intuitive journal spreads   
  •  Painting nature findings 
  • and so much more! 

There are over 20 videos in my workshop, including painting and craft sessions, guided meditations, spiritual projects, stories, and documentaries. 

All videos are downloadable and you have lifetime access so you can also go at your own pace.

This enchanting workshop is unique because Katrina shared her experiences with the fairy realm that many may not believe are real. Some of us have an innate knowing that other realms coexist with us and Katrina clearly is connected. The energy and magic from plants, earth, flowers and elementals are magical. I’ll always treasure this workshop not only for her amazing talent but also the love and courage it took to speak of the unknown and bring it to life!” – Amy

About me

As a child, I could see faeries with remarkable ease! Sadly, as I grew into adulthood I realized it became more and more difficult as we are taught to be sensible and that faeries were related to fairy tales and children’s books.

I began to feel a deep longing, missing their connection. I realized that they were still there waiting for me to reconnect with them. 

They have the ability to see our hearts, and can help us reconnect with our very soul. 

Once I opened my heart, they slowly started to connect again, especially during my creative process. I realized that the more I worked with them, the more there was to discover, to learn, and grow.

I am so excited to share my process with you so that you can experience the same magic as I have. 

When we open our hearts to the faery, we invite transformation, abundance, and creativity into our lives and all of those around us.  

“This Class was AMAZING!!! Each step of the way, it totally opened up new doors for me. I look at my surrounding differently, took up some peaceful moments and learned to meditate more! I pushed and challenged each class and I am so in love with the stuff we did, I have made 3 journals! If you are riding the fence on whether or not to do this class…. PLEASE DO you will have no regrets! – Reba

Only 55 Euro (65 USD) for the first fifty signups!

Here is a brief outline of what we will cover each week.

Please note that this class can be done at your own pace. All videos are downloadable and you have lifetime access.

Week one

  1. Introduction and welcome (Video)
  2. Supplies 
  3. What really are faeries
  4. Faeries in history (video: documentary)
  5. Types of faeries 
  6. Creating our journal (Videos: creative project)
  7. Meeting our faery guide (Guided meditation journey)
  8. Painting Our Faery guide (Painting video)  

This course has touched me at a very deep level – I can’t find the words to really explain it. After the initial emotional reaction in week 1, I feel at peace with myself. I’ve always thought of myself as a “child of the earth” and now, at last, I feel that I have found the right guide, Katrina, and a loving community. This truly is a magical course creating a truly magical experience. What a shame I’ve waited so many years but, then again, I believe NOW must be the right time. Thank you, beautiful soul!” – Helen

Week two

  1. Creating a faery altar (Video)
  2. Working with faery crystals and stones
  3. Communicating with the faery (Videos + audio story)  
  4. Methods of protection
  5. Journeying into the faery realm (Guided meditation journey)
  6. Painting forest faeries (Painting videos)
  7. Painting flower faeries (Painting videos)

Week three

  1. The Elves of light 
  2. Faery Enchantments, rituals, and spells
  3. Creating a faery wand (Craft videos)
  4. Faery healing rituals for body and soul
  5. Healing the Earth with the faery
  6. Journeying into the Elven realms (guided meditation journey)
  7. Painting the Elves of Light (painting videos)

“I love this workshop so much! Through the lessons I re-invited the faeries again into my life and thats sooo wonderful. This workshop inspires me to learn new techniques and to try new media. The binding of the journal was a great experience and I feel that the feary realm also has an impact on other creative areas of my life. That is simply wonderful and I want to thank you for this beautiful and fulfilling journey.” – Barbara


Week four

  1. Painting our dreams (Painting Videos)
  2. Dream faery spell
  3. Painting our house faeries (Painting videos)

Take a look at what the amazing students have been creating from this class…

I’m so excited for you to gain a better understanding of the faeries, how to work with them, and many different methods, prompts and ways to connect and work with them! 

  • We will learn different, fun ways to communicate with faeries and also how to let go and use our intuition and imagination when creating.  
  • We will get familiar with meditative journeying, learn how to work with different crystals to make our own faery rituals, enchantments, and spells for healing both ourselves and Mother Earth.
  • We will learn how to make our own journals, paint with watercolor and watercolor pencils, and tell a story through art.   

I absolutely love this class! It feels like the faeries are finding a way in my life, even if it’s just by pulling cards more often and reading/admiring some beautiful faery art books. I would usually only do the projects of a course that I REALLY love (sometimes just a few), but in this course I just couldn’t wait to dive in and do them all. All of the projects are beautiful, really fun and I feel they are all part of the whole experience. Thank you for opening our hearts and eyes to this beautiful magical world Katrina.” – Bonita

Are you willing to answer that spark of magic growing in your heart, just waiting to burst forth with life?

I can’t wait to share this all with you! 

I can just see the faeries clapping their hands and jumping up and down with excitement!

All videos are downloadable and you have lifetime access so you can go at your own pace.

“I’m thankful for Katrina for believing in me, she’s a wonderful & loving guide, for the faeries & for everybody’s joyful spirits and beautiful creations. Thank you all for making me feel that every challenge is just a step towards a goal. Between the realms, taught me to paint beyond my fears, to defeat the voice inside my head that keep saying “I can’t do it!” And I learned that every creation is beautiful because it comes from our hearts and has it’s own story to tell.” – Rageddy Ann