Ask The Angels – The Realm of the Archangels

Hello beautiful souls,

Today I would like to talk about the Archangels and their realms.

While growing up I have always had a very strong connection to one of the Archangels particular – Archangel Michael. I would often feel his strong and protective presence, and knew that if I was in difficulty or in danger I could call on him.  Sometimes I would even sense a very particular scent when he was near. 

His feminine counterpart – Archeia Faith – has also been a powerful presence lately with her gentle yet strong warrior spirit.  

Many of you know I even named my second son after Michael, because of his gentle yet warrior spirit. 

Archangel Michael – by Katrina Koltes

I realize that due to many limited beliefs we are often told that archangels don’t have the time to deal with us individually they are too busy looking after humanity as a whole. 

But throughout the years I’ve discovered that they are actually more than willing to help when and where they can – especially individually. 

And as time and space does not exist in the spirit realm in the same way it does here on earth, they are able to be many places at once and are available wherever and whenever we call on them.

We should also be aware that their power is extremely potent and should not be invoked if we are not serious about what we ask for and are truly willing for a major change or shift in our lives. Sometimes these shifts can mean the ending of one phase and the beginning of another, and may not always be how we want or imagined it, but it will always be for the highest good for all involved.

Below is a channeled conversation I had with Archangel Michael and wanted to share with you. Remember that you can also call on a specific Archangel to answer your own questions as well.  


Channeled interview with Archangel Michael

Thank you so much for showing up. Would you like to describe the Archangel Realm to us?

“Our realm is for those who choose to dedicate their existence in serving humanity, the universe, and the highest good. We are not created to do this specifically, but are given a choice. This calls for a tremendous sacrifice which means we don’t intend to incarnate and have the human experience – neither incarnate on any other star system for that matter. We choose out of pure devotion, divine love, and grace to be of complete service. In our realm we complete an intense and extensive training in order to be able to be of the highest service.” 

What is this realm like?

“It is very different from other angelic realms. It’s a place of ultimate soul service. We are always in constant movement. It is an explosion of light and colors, of which you don’t see on Earth or anywhere else. It has a very specific high vibration of pure love and grace.”

I was instantly given a glimpse of this realm, and it instantly brought tears to my eyes. The emotions were intense and there was an incredible strength felt, both powerful yet gentle, soft, and comforting. I felt myself being carried in strong arms – Michaels arms. There seemed to be multitudes of archangels swaying in a circle around us. I could feel them emanating light, and felt a warm sensation of being comforted, supported and instantly at peace.

I wanted to know how others could experience this and so I asked him:

Can everyone visit the Archangel realm? Maybe while dreaming or meditating?

“Absolutely. You can ask your personal guardian angel to guide you there. Because of the extremely high vibrational energy in our realm these visits are usually best while sleeping, but can also be done in a meditational state. It really depends on each individual.”

Out of curiosity, what do Archangels do in their spare time?

 “Since time doesn’t exist in the spirit realms we technically don’t have spare time. When we are not busy protecting others or teaching angelic souls, we are learning. As crazy as it may sound, we are ever learning and evolving, just as everything else is constantly changing and evolving.

What do you learn?

“As times change and develop on Earth and on other star systems, we learn what is most needed and how we can assist according to the highest good for each particular time and era. This way we can best fulfill our missions in the most effective and powerful way possible

What if Archangels want to incarnate and have a human experience? Or assist on Earth (or other star systems) in the physical as well as the spiritual?

“There is another realm, which is a parallel realm to ours. A sub-division as you would call it, where those particular Archangels go for a very specific training. These are the Warrior Archangels. They are specifically trained for battle against the dark forces that are present on Earth at this time. They are prepared for spiritual warfare on the physical plane, and only incarnate when absolutely necessary, and usually in groups over short periods of time. These fierce and powerful protectors and warriors are currently present here on earth even now as we speak. They work closely with us Archangels in spirit to create a force of energy between heaven and earth.”  

I believe I’ve come across a couple before – how do we recognize them?

“You may have known, met, or even raised one of these incarnated archangels. If you are reading this and something has rang a bell, and you felt a piece of the puzzle being put into place, then trust your intuition, for it always rings true. Their energy and aura is extremely particular and unmistakable. Strong and protective yet with a surprising gentleness and sensitivity. Their eyes speak of knowledge beyond their years. Unlike most angelic souls – who tend to forget their soul origin once born and need spiritual awakening to remember – the Archangel warriors tend to know exactly where they came from. Their mission is specific and they have an active power of manifestation to make things happen.”

Is there any important wisdom you would like to share with us today?

“Pay close attention to your dreams at this time. Even if you don’t always consciously remember them, while you sleep your soul travels, learns, and is given important messages. Sometimes you may be given glimpses of past or present lifetimes, or even astra travel to other realms on specific spirit missions. Maybe you have sometimes woken with a sense of physical exhaustion and a feeling that you just embarked on a long journey and needed extra rest? Listen to your body and know that your soul needs time to adjust back into the body before waking in order to feel adequately rested and restored. So make sure you are getting enough dream time because with all the daily confusion and a busy schedule, your dream time is sometimes the only space we have to speak to your soul and where you can listen and learn.”

There are many more Archangels that are less widely known and some we don’t even know about. 

In the coming weeks we will discuss more on this topic and what each specific Archangel can be called on for manifesting, and how we can invoke them. 

We will also talk about personal guardian angels and their involvement in our lives.

I hope you will join me next week for another exciting Ask the Angels transmission!

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With so much love and light. 


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