Into the myst workshop




Creating this first workshop was such a magical experience! I am eager to share my amazing journey with you on how I discovered this rewarding method of painting – ultimately by trusting my intuition and imagination!

I have always been a nature lover and adore animals. I had longed to put my visions and dreams onto canvas but until a few years ago, I had no idea how to go about it!

Through self-discovery, hardships and lots of practice, I have found the key methods to unlock this mystery! To reveal on canvas, what we can’t express in words –  is a true joy and allows us to tell our own story and share our hearts.

We will be covering several topics and techniques such as:

  • Expressive, intuitive painting
  • Telling your story using imagery and symbols
  • Finding inspiration
  • Connecting with nature and how to use it in your art
  • Creating storytelling paintings and interest for the viewer to interpret
  • Creating portraits with both watercolor and mixed media techniques
  • Using line work to create interest and variation
  • Creating glazes and layering with watercolors on various substrates
  • Creating contrast with lights and darks
  • Creating something that is unique and special to you and your journey
  • And much more….

I can’t wait to be your guide and I do hope you will follow me “Into the Myst” on your own journey of creative self-discovery, finding your voice and celebrating the magic you have within!


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