Messengers of the Sea – Print



  • A3 size (32×40 cm / 12×16.5 in) including white border
  • Fine printed on satin card paper


Fine Art Print of my original oil and mixed media painting  “Messengers of the Sea”

Recently I went to see a very special dolphin show with my kids.
As I watched these beautiful animals swim, jump and play, I was deeply moved and found myself in tears.
I didn’t understand exactly why, I just knew I felt a deep connection to them.
They reminded me the importance of delving deep into emotional waters to bring healing to my inner child.
Their sweet joyful nature taught me it’s ok to to be playful, have fun, and enjoy the little things in life.
In many cultures the Dolphin is often seen as a mystical creature of the spiritual realms.
Some considered Dolphin to be the messengers of Poseidon, or Divine Messengers from the Angelical realms.
They bring us deep, emotional healing, transformation, and rebirth.

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