Past Life Reading


Price in USD: Approx $655  (According to today's exchange rate)

Have you felt or wondered if there have been past lives where you’ve lived fully and completely in your power – where you chose to step into your soul path without fear, holding nothing back?

When we are willing to tap into these past lives with the desire to learn from our strengths, release any blocks we may be holding, and move forward with the same empowerment and lessons learned, we can activate these gifts we used fully and powerfully in our current life as well.   

This is a powerful session designed to activate your gifts, release blocks and fear, and step into a more powerful you.

How it works:

I give a video-recorded, in-depth oracle and open your Akashic Records to access the past life you desire to learn more about. 

If you already have a specific request we can access that particular past lifetime. Otherwise we will be open to what the Records show us. (Know that within the Akashic Realm, the more specific our request the easier it will be to access them. That being said, the Records will always show the lifetime that will best empower your journey, and help you grow.)

This is such a powerful session! We will not only to re-connect you with your past life gifts and power, but can also request healing or guidance linked to that past life. I will also channel a personal message from one of your guides or ancestors

When we invite these gifts back into our life, a powerful transformation can take place!


Beautiful Soul, I ask you to please share with me what drew you to my reading and send me your answers to the questions below when or after you purchase this session. Please be as specific as possible feel free to add in any other information you feel would be relevant for this session.

  1. What guided you to this session and why?
  2. Do you have soul memories, dreams, or are aware of a particular past life you want to access? Please explain.
  3. What do you desire the most in your life right now? What do you believe is holding you back from that?  
  4. Are there any particular gifts you wish to empower or access?
  5. Has there been a particular time period, culture, or soul memory you have always been drawn to? 
  6. Is there a particular spirit guide or ancestor you would like to ask guidance from?  

The more specific you are, the more I have to work with, and the clearer the reading and channeling will be. 

Please know that all your information is kept strictly private and confidential.

I can’t wait to take this magical journey with you!




After you purchase this reading there is 3 to 4 week turn around from the time your payment clears. Depending on my wait list, it could be ready slightly sooner or later, so please give me some leeway for any unexpected technical problems, family holidays or unexpected issues that may come up.

Each reading has a 60-90 minute time-length, depending on how much time is needed.

(I prepare spiritually and energetically for the reading and channeling the day before. The reading will take a day plus the time I need to upload your session videos for you to view.)     

When everything is complete I will upload your reading videos to Vimeo as a private video (meaning that the only way you can view this reading through private direct link. You can also download your videos).

All of my readings are done in my sacred studio space with a protection ritual made before the reading.

I work with the elements, with crystal energy, and call on my guides and guardians, who add a special energy and insight to the reading.

I will also call on your spirit guides or loved ones to participate and be open to channel from them for you, with your best interest at heart.

Please note that I will only channel positive energies, so be aware that if any negative energies are felt I will have to interrupt the reading.

When it comes to choosing your deck, I do so intuitively, taking all things into consideration. I work with many different oracle decks and use numerous sets at the same reading to give a more in-depth reading.

Lastly, my reading is a tool of empowerment and spiritual growth. Sometimes the cards will give you a message that you needs to hear, and not what you want to hear, so please take that into consideration.


Ever since I was little I had a strong connection to spirit. But for many years due to childhood trauma I kept it hidden for fear.

I went through many stages of the Dark Night of Soul, and through my healing journey I discovered that sometimes we need to experience this to awaken, to grow, and create a deep connection with spirit.

All of my intuitive artwork, readings and sessions come from that healing journey I have been through. My intention is to help bring clarity, intention, and attune your soul to the sacred energy of your authentic self. 



I can not perform a reading without your help. Therefore I ask that you provide as much information as possible about your circumstance or questions you want me to ask the cards and our guides.

Be specific, and let me know if there are any of your Spirit guides, angels, ancestors or loved ones that I may channel and ask for guidance.

Please note that it is an Ethical requirement that you be 18+ in order to purchase a reading from me.

Please also note that my readings are not a substitute for the advice given by a medical doctor and or Psychologist/Mental Health Professional.

If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I can’t wait to take this sacred journey with you.



Please know that your privacy is very important to me and your personal details will always remain confidential as will the results of your reading. Your private reading will always be available for you to enjoy so please keep your private video link in a secure location. If you should you encounter anything in the reading that you have questions or are unclear about about, please feel free to contact me. All of your questions will be treated as confidential and dealt with courteously.