Tell your story


Do you long to tell your story through art?


In this workshop we will be painting in acrylics using a monochrome color scheme, while I show you my layering and background techniques, and the special glow effect I love to achieve with Acrylics.

I love to work very intuitively, getting quiet, and listening to that still, small voice that wants to be expressed.


Our first project I show you how I express my process of breaking free from depression, and a creative block I had for many years.

I love working in monochrome, and how it can be both dramatic and expressive at the same time.

Project one: Break free


In our second project we continue our  journey of listening to our intuition, letting it guide the way.
As we tell our own story through art, we discover our true magic. The more we dig deep, the more beauty we discover.

Project two: Magical Truths


This workshop has a total of 10 videos and two projects.



  • Getting familiar with acrylics
  • Painting with monochrome colors
  • Layering with acrylics and stencils to create interesting backgrounds
  • creating a broken glass effect
  • painting intuitively
  • achieving a glow effect with acrylics
  • painting hands
  • painting portraits in acrylics
  • using elements and symbolism to tell a visual story
  • and so much more!