The Warrior Within – Outstanding Artist series


(Approx 600 USD according to current exch. rate)
Size: 16 x 20 inches (40 x 50 cm)

Materials used: Oils, mixed media, & 14k gold leaf on un-stretched canvas

(will need to be framed or remounted by you)

Shipping & tracking with DHL Express – canvas will be shipped rolled up in tube 
This painting was created during my first challenge of the Outstanding Artist show.
I was to paint Athena, the Greek goddess warrior whom I resonate so much.
Not only for her wisdom and courage, but also for her fighting spirit – she was a warrior of her people.
I grew up doing full time volunteer work, helping those in need, and aiming to bring some hope and light in this crazy world.
During my childhood and teenage years I suffered from some terrible traumas of my own that affected me deeply later through adulthood.
During this challenge I was really put to the test, not only because I was doing something way outside of my comfort zone, but also because of the conditions the challenge was done in.
We were in the burning heat of summer, it was hot, and after an hour I was feeling the beginning of a sun stroke.
I had to lie down as my vision started blurring and I felt like throwing up.
All the while thinking of people that were counting on me – my kids and husband back at home; my mom who was in the middle of heavy chemo treatments; my whole family, friends, and followers…
And myself – who I had let down way too many times.
In those moments I realized I was there for a reason.
I was there to show myself, and others to never give up, even if we struggle and fall.
And I pulled all the courage within me to get back up and keep going. To finish the painting even if I was feeling sick and weak, and do my very best.
Because that’s what I was destined to paint that day – my warrior within.
The warrior that had struggled through pain and suffering and come out stronger than before.
And because sometimes we have to fight our own demons in order to really be able to understand and relate to others. To inspire, encourage, and bring some healing light needed.
I hope this painting and experience brings out your own warrior within, and serves as a reminder that whatever challenge is thrown our way we can find the strength within us to overcome and succeed.
We have everything we need right there within us, if only we can believe in ourselves.
(You can learn more about it, watch this first OA episode and all the future ones, and even enter to win a trip to Greece for two here:

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More about me and my methods


My creative process when I paint is very intuitive.

Often I begin a piece without a specific idea in mind and just let it evolve as I go with the flow. Many times I paint from my dreams and soul memories that emerge as I create, letting my heart and soul lead the way.     

My inspiration comes from my dream journeys, the faery and elven realms, the beautiful nature of forests and the sea, ancient symbols and sacred geometry, angelic and spirit realms animals, and of course, all things mystical magical.     

My intention is to create beautiful art that will empower, inspire, and bring soul connection and magick to those who view it. 

I hope you enjoy my soul creations.