Valkyrie – The Warrior Within


Would you like to learn my techniques with watercolor while using divination and meditation to create?


In this workshop I show you how to create luminous layers and depth, some tips and tricks on adding texture, and special effects while staying loose and intuitive at the same time.

We will go through a special creative process, using Nordic runes for inspiration.

I also share with you my guided meditation to really go inwards and see what our heart wants to create.

As I filmed this class during a very challenging time in my life, I found that no matter what we are going through we can always find the strength and courage within to overcome..

We are all warriors, one way or another.


A little sneak peek of what we will be creating:


There are a total of  2 hours of content + a printable supportive PDF, reference photos, and a guided mediation by me.

All the videos are downloadable and you have lifetime access.

After you sign up, you can instantly access your class from your personal classroom. 




  • My favorite watercolor techniques
  • Finding the courage to create during hard times
  • Creating a portrait with symbolism and imagery
  • Creating luminous skin tones
  • Choosing a cohesive color palette
  • Layering with watercolor to avoid mud
  • Adding line work and texture
  • Using Nordic runes for divination and inspiration
  • Using gold with watercolor
  • Creating a personal story with art
  • Using meditation to create from within
  • And so much more!


You don’t have to buy everything on the list.

Many things can be substituted for materials you already have.


  • Watercolor paper (I used Canson, 12×16″ cold press 140Ib)
  • Paintbrushes (I used a 12, an 8 and a 2, (& an aqua brush)
  • straw, salt, napkins and water jar
  • Watercolors of your choice:
  • I used Shadow violet, moonglow, lunar black
  • bloodstone genuine, opera pink,
  • quinacridone gold, and gold from Daniel Smith
  • payne’s gray, pthalo turquoise, and cobalt teal
  • A palette for mixing and diluting colors
  • Pencil & eraser (& kneaded eraser)
  • Gold calligraphy ink
  • White goauche or white ink
  • Stone, bronze and/or glitter, if desired