Here’s what my wonderful students are saying…
  • “I’ve taken several classes from Katrina Koltes and although I was longing even aching to learn watercolor I just couldn’t get the hang of it until I found Katrina, Her methods are easy going and she is soft spoken. Her voice seems to come from a place of pure meditation and peace for me. Katrina moves along at such a wonderful pace I forget I am watching a video, for me it’s more like having a gentle friend by my side as I learn. Most people are blown away when they find out I only just started with my art a little over a year ago, and While I have taken other classes as well as Katrina’s, it was she that I really got the ah ha moment with my watercolor!! I am now in the process of learning Pastels and I know in my inner knowing I won’t be disappointed. Thank you so much for being who you are Katrina, I hope to take many more classes in the future. It is always nice to Art side by side with a true Spirit Friend.” -D. B.J. Barry
  • “I have loved to be able to finally start using my watercolors that have been sitting in my drawer waiting for the day to start painting, and what better way than drawing dreamy girls portraits as well! Just really so happy to have come across your stunning art and classes Katrina!” -S. Kingsley

  • “This class (Watercolor dreams) has helped me along with confidence in my creative journey especially in watercolor . A very supportive and caring space to share and grow with other like-minded people . Tons of creative fun too!”!  – Susan Morrison

  • “I have been very nervous of using water colors up to now. This class has really helped me understand and become confident with this medium. I really don’t think I could be without my water colors now! Would highly recommend Katrina classes to anyone.” -D. Jamison Kershaw

  • “I have already learned so much and what I love about the lessons is that I want to do them over and over again! You learn so much and they are so inspiring!” – K. De Ford

  • “The warm up lessons were a huge help in breaking through the “fear” I have associated with watercolors. The love and support you give, has been a gift in this journey of creativity!” -M. Fiore Wimmers

  • “I’ve gone from frustration with watercolor to looking forward to the next project ! Using watercolor brushes instead of acrylic brushes and hot press paper have really helped. Love this class!” –  L. Green

  • “You have helped to unblock me from using watercolors. You opened up a whole world to me! I’m on a new Journey with watercolors and never would have been if weren’t for these workshop!s I thought it was a fabulous adventure!!!” – R. Weinrib

  • “Because of the repeated times you painted a face it really had a chance to nurture my understanding of the medium. I definitely have seen an improvement in my ability to paint a face with watercolor and for that I am so grateful to you. Your style of teaching and telling us why you were using color here or water there made learning very easy.” – Catherine Valenti

  • “I never really was interested in watercolor as I thought it would be to difficult for me to learn but after taking Watercolour Dreams it is now one of my favourite mediums. You really explain well in your lessons how to achieve a well planned, beautifully blended layout. I still have much to learn but now have the confidence to explore watercolour. Thank you so much for that”. -D. T. Lacourciere

  • “I never thought I could paint such beautiful, delicate faces. Thank you!” – S. Porter Moore

  • “If you want to learn with an amazing teacher, Katrina is the ONE! Not only does she give excellent instructions….she is available to help or answer questions….that’s a big deal for me!” – F. Badger Goode

  • “I have learned watercolour shading in new ways that has helped me be more relaxed with creating and not stressed out, the course has also helped me expand with my art supplies mixing it with watercolour, Katrina is an awesome teacher and I love her teaching, I learned a lot from this course!” -O. Ra

  • “I love your teaching style! Although I have a long ways still to go, the things I learned in class have dramatically improved my watercolor skills; such as, mixing skin tones and not getting hard edges. Thank you so much! You keep teaching classes and I will keep attending”. -L. Sweeting

  • “I’ve learnt so much about colours and layering. Have always been slightly scared of watercolours and tend to give up as I think its far too technical for me. But your videos explain everything and you made it so much more accessible and easy to follow. I was literally bouncing with joy when i saw my girl’s face emerge with real skin tones and form. You’ve changed my attitude to watercolours as now i really want to do more. Thank you!” – L. Lacrombe

  • “I truly loved your style of teaching, first and foremost. It’s very calming and encouraging and relaxed. I always avoided drawing different angles of the face, but your class challenged me to do it, and I am so happy I tried! Also, being totally new to watercolor I learned so much about technique (starting with very light, diluted layers and building up from there), creative backgrounds and just playing without worrying to much of where it’s going. I enjoyed this journey!!! Thank you C. Anatavada