Ask the Angels – The Crystalline Realm

Hello beautiful souls, welcome!

In this week’s transmission I wanted to share a very interesting and exciting discovery.

During my soul readings it is always quite an adventure to learn and discover about various realms and star systems. I feel that each time something new is revealed – a missing link or pieces to a big puzzle that is slowly falling into place.    

The angelic Crystilline Realm and Sirius starsystem

While consulting the Akashic Records of a few starseed souls in my past readings, I have come across certain particularities that were interestingly linked. 

These souls were of Sirius star system* origin, (usually Sirius B – a water planet of Sirius) and when I asked what their soul mission was, I was told they are “Messengers of the Crystal Realm.”

I know there is a crystal city in Sirius B, I have had distinct visions, dreams, and soul memories – and have even painted it recently as well.

“Messenger of the Crystal Realms, Keeper of light codes and ancient magic” (Soul portrait for Mitzi M.)

*Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, and is known as the blue-white star system. It’s name derives from the Greek word “glowing”. It is a binary star system consisting of the main star Sirius A, and its small dwarf companion Sirius B. Souls from Sirius have a deep connection with the energies of nature and magic. (I will also be delving further into Sirian and other starseeds characteristics in future blog posts.)

But this was the first time I had come across an angelic soul that actually originated from the Crystalline Realm.   

Up until now I figured this crystal realm must be where souls go to learn about crystals and their powers, how to use this power, and how to communicate with them.

But now I realized that this realm is inter-linked with the Sirius star system, their crystal city being the primary connection – and that just as Sirius starseeds come as messengers for the crystal realms, angelic souls from the Crystalline Realm also come as messengers for Sirius star people as well. 

It’s like they work together hand in hand, serving as messengers on earth for each other.

I also saw a distinct deep bluish purplish color in this realm, with mingling tones of turquoise and bright silvery white light. The vibration is very similar to both Sirian energy and the angelic Blue Realm, but quite unique in itself.

Dragon energy and Lemuria

Most souls from either the Angelic Crystalline Realm, or Sirian starseeds that are messengers for this realm –  are connected with Dragon energy. Many have also had at least one lifetime in Lemuria*.

*Lemuria (or Mu) is one of the Earth’s lost lands – a real heaven on earth. Lemurians were deeply reverent to nature and worked closely with Mother Earth’s energy and her elements. Crystal energy and light codes were used everyday and life was sacred and perfectly balanced. Many people believe these codes are still held in Lemurian seed crystals. More on this subject will be coming in following blog posts.   

Because dragons are ancient knowledge keepers, it doesn’t surprise me that their energies are connected. 

In fact, many work as guides and protectors for the Crystalline souls or messengers. 

In Lemurian times crystals and chakras were interlinked and many Lemurians even had crystals integrated in their body. So it’s no surprise that they would have come to earth at that particular time to teach their wisdom and ways.

I know many of you who are reading this may have vague recollections or soul remembrance of this realm. I felt called to share this information from Spirit in order to shine some light on what might have been a missing link or piece to a puzzle for you. 

We are all cosmic travellers, and many of us have lived, trained, and spent many lifetimes on other starystems and realms. 

Sometimes there are certain gifts from these lifetimes that are just waiting to be unlocked through soul remembrance and activation.   

“Messenger of the Crystalline Realm, Voice of the Star People, Light Energy Healer.” – Soul Portrait for Lisa T.

Remember to keep discovering, searching and following the voice of your soul and you can’t go wrong.  

Much love and light,


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