Ask the Angels – The Realm of the Valkyrie

Beautiful souls, 

Welcome to another week of Ask the Angels.

Today I want to share with you some of my visions and soul memories of a beautiful and powerful angelic realm. Here there are powerful beings of light who specifically serve as protectors, spiritual warriors and defenders. 

When I tune into these frequencies and revisit my visions, I can see a beautiful pink and golden color, like the streaks of a golden sunset, or a beautiful new dawn. 

And there is a tangible energy that is very distinct. It is powerfully feminine, both ethereal and strong at the same time. 

I also see the pegasus, and as they move their potent wings the golden clouds shift and hum with their energy.   

“Archeia Faith” Art by Katrina Koltes

This is the realm of the Valkyrie.  

Since I was a teenager especially – during the times of deep trauma in my life – I began to have flashbacks, and soul memories of my visits there. 

I remember being trained as a spiritual warrior, in preparation for many lifetimes of hardships and challenges. 

This realm is a place of preparation, of learning, and of training for spiritual battle.

During some very difficult times in my life I was able to tune into its frequencies and envision myself holding my flaming sword of courage, my shield of protection, or my spear of truth. 

These spiritual weapons I had learned to wield were one of the things that helped me get through those challenging times.   

“Valkyrie – The warrior within” – Art by Katrina Koltes

I know that many of you may have your own soul memories of this powerful realm where we could learn, train, and become the Valkyrie warriors we were meant to be. 

To lead and to guide, to protect and bring courage to others. 

Now is the time to be a warrior.

To protect what you believe in with courage and grace.

All the Valkyries are being called now to step up and gather their spiritual swords, shields, and spears of light to help defend the weak, to protect the helpless, and to bring courage where there is so much despair. 

And for those of you who have been through hell lately, or have been feeling weak and discouraged – know that you too can call in this powerful strength, and connect with this angelic realm when you need to. 

Remember that you can overcome everything that comes in your way – Because you my friend are a beautiful warrior.

This week I have created a special guided meditation for you to aid in connecting to the Valkyrie energy and their frequencies. 

I hope you enjoy.

With so much love and light,


A gift of courage and strength

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