Lady Galadriel

Hello beautiful souls,

Welcome to my mini workshop Lady Galadriel & the Pool of Visions!

This was my lesson for Ever After 2018 collaborative workshop with Tamara Laporte, so for whoever of you missed it then you can now enjoy my lesson as an individual mini workshop.

In this painting project I will be showing you my acrylic techniques and all the special glow effects I love to achieve, while painting one of my favorite subjects…

The Elves of light from Tolkiens’ Lord of the Rings. For this project I chose to paint Lady Galadriel and the pool of visions.

I really hope you will enjoy diving into the realm of Lothlorien with me and creating some magic together!

 These are the supplies we’ll be using.

Please note that you don’t have to go out and buy everything! Many things can be substituted with what you have.

  • Acrylic paper (I used 400 gsm, 10×14?) or heavy watercolor paper (300gsm) You can also use a canvas.
  • Charcoal pencils
  • White gesso
  • Heavy body acrylics: (I used these colors but feel free to use what you have) Titanium white, Payne’s gray or black, cadmium yellow and red medium, teal, dioxazine purple, deep violet, light blue violet, turquoise deep, emerald green, a deep bright blue, prussian blue or dark blue.
  • Acrylic paintbrushes (I used medium and small filberts, small round for details, and a small square tip for getting a straight point edge)
  • A rag and paper towels, a water jar
  • For the wet palette you will need: A container lid, some paper towels, baking or grease proof paper, a spray bottle.
  • A white posca pen