The Goddess Isis

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I often enjoy painting my spirit guides.

I really believe they have so much wisdom and guidance to share with us.
Isis is a wonderful Goddess of magic and life, of protection and guidance.

Oil pastel has long been one of my favorite mediums,

both for it’s vibrancy and for it’s ability to create beautiful glow effect –

especially on black paper. 

In the bonus lesson I will also show you how I create a beautiful painted clay pendant

with your spirit animal that you can gift to friends, or enjoy for yourself.

Let’s create some magick together!


  • My favorite oil pastel techniques – soft blending & creating texture
  • Connecting with our guides
  • Creating a portrait with symbolism and imagery
  • Creating a glow effect on dark paper
  • Choosing a cohesive color palette
  • Creating skin tones with unusual colors
  • creating luminous layers
  • Working with clay (bonus lesson)
  • Painting our spirit animal in acrylics
  • Creating a wearable art pendant
  • And so much more!


You don’t have to buy everything on the list.

Many things can be substituted for materials you already have.

  • Black or very dark toned paper
  • (I used 12×16″ Fabriano Tiziano Pastel paper Flecked series)
  • plus a small little extra piece for color testing.
  • Pastel pencil for drawing – I used Conte chalk pastel pencil.
  • (You’ll want white or a light color that will show up on the dark paper)
  • Kneaded or soft eraser
  • Oil pastels:
  • I used Sennelier brand (or you can use your choice)
  • but best to have a few colors of pastels that will blend easily.
  • (These are the colors I used:
  • White, Black, Gold (or another metallic is fine)
  • Bright turquoise, Barrite green (Teal), Turquoise blue
  • Midnight blue (dark blue or dark turquoise)
  • Red Violet (dark purple), Purple (a pinkish bright purple)
  • Cobalt violet (very light purple).
  • A few tortillions for blending
  • Skewer or sharp pointed object for scratching into the pastel
  • Paper towels

Bonus Lesson:

  • Air-dry clay (I used the “Plus” clay)
  • 2) Some basic shaping tools: A small rolling pin, a skewer, and a knife
  • 3) Non-stick or grease proof paper
  • 4) Heavy body Acrylics: I used the liquitex colors: Green gold, emerald green, gold,
  • prussian blue, cad. yellow, burnt umber, burnt sienna, burnt orange (or Indian red),
  • deep violet, Titanium white, and mars black.
  • 5) Various small Paintbrushes: a flat and thin round, plus a old brush for varnishing
  • 6) Water jar, napkins
  • 7) White sharpie or posca pen
  • 8) White pastel pencil
  • 9) Palette for mixing colors (I used a sheet of glass with white paper underneath


Main Project

Bonus Project