Watercolor dreams

Are you ready for a watercolor adventure? 😀

I’ve been wanting to create this class for some time now, as you know how much I LOVE watercolors! But most of all I love to combine them with both surreal and nature-related elements to make some beautiful, dreamy portraits! I’m going to show you my methods of layering washes of vibrant watercolors to get that luminous transparency I so often use in my paintings.

While we will be exploring portraits and expression with watercolor, I will also show you different ways I like to combine them with other elements like flowers, animals, abstract shapes and patterns, to tell a visual story.

This class is for whoever wants to loosen up and get familiar with your watercolors, learn how to draw and paint dreamy portraits with luminous skin tones, explore tons of new techniques, gather loads of inspiration to set your imagination running wild! 😀

I hope you’ll join me in this fun and inspiring watercolor adventure! xox