Overcoming discouragement

Have you ever been battled with discouragement and with the feeling of giving up?

I know I have. Many times. volkan-olmez-523

Sometimes, after all the work you put into what you do, all the dedication, the sleepless night spent working at your desk….It just takes one little thing and you start to question yourself “what am I doing? Are people even interested in what I have to say? Is it even worth it?”

You start to question your own authenticity. You start to ask yourself, “Am I good enough? What am I doing wrong? Why am I feeling like this and what did I do to deserve it?” And you wonder what in the world you’ve been doing up until now.

Let me tell you the answer to this: Nothing.


Sure, people make mistakes, we all do. That doesn’t mean we aren’t worthy, aren’t authentic, aren’t ‘good enough’. Because let me tell you, if up until now you’ve been authentically sharing your talent, sharing your feelings, and sharing your heart, without expecting anything in return you are doing exactly the right thing

Somewhere along this path you are bound to get discouraged, people will put you down, or you might even feel like giving up. It’s all part of the journey. It happens to every one of us. The important thing is to NOT GIVE UP.

Let me say that again: NEVER GIVE UP. No matter what.

Keep sharing your heart, keep shining your light even when you feel it’s about to blow out. Keep being that guiding light to others who are battling with the same. We all can encourage and lift up each other.

And here are some things helped me in those dark times and might be useful to you too..

  • 20180121_141017
    “Never give up” – by Katrina Koltes

    Paint it out. Get out your charcoal, and start scribbling. You’d be surprised what comes out of that! Get out your paints, and start painting. Paint yourself and what you feel like that very moment. It’s incredibly healing and calming. Here is what I painted the other day when I was feeling just like that..



  • jon-flobrant-1362Take a walk in the nature. You’d be surprised at what a brisk walk does to get your heart pumping and blood running. Breathe big huge gulps of air, breath it all in, deep breaths. Then exhale. Breathe out all that poison. Imagine it washing you clean, making you whole, making you shine again.

    love is like a garden
    “Love is like a garden” – by Katrina koltes


  • Spend times with your friends loved ones. There’s no one in the world that knows you better than your loved ones (other than yourself). They know what you’ve been through, they’ve seen all the dedication, love and hard work you’ve been pitting into what you do. They love you for what you are, without asking anything in return. Bask in that love and let it rekindle your fire of hope.


  • Take some time to meditate in silence and focus inwards. Even better if while out in the nature. Use crystals to help you center. If I’m needing some comfort, or inner strength, or positivity I would use Agate or Jasper.Screenshot_2018-01-04-23-31-08 If I need to get centered and feel more balance and grounded I’d use green calcite or malachite. You know yourself better than anyone else. You know what you’ve been through to get where you are today. you know you matter. You know you are loved. hold out your hands, imagine you are holding all the love you give, day after day, and then bring it over your heart giving yourself back all that love. Let it flow through you, warming  you, making you feel whole again.


I hope I’ve encouraged you to keep shining you light even when you don’t feel like it. Keep posting your work, keep creating, and don’t let it get to you. Turn it into an opportunity, a lesson to ask yourself, what can I do better? What can I do to make my journey even more magical? What can I do to help others who are going through this very thing right now? What can I do even better?

IMG_1577-EditAnd just remember to be yourself, always.

Much love and hugs,













15 thoughts on “Overcoming discouragement

  1. thank you Katrina !! It’s beautiful and so sensitiv!! It speaks to me !(I’m not sure it’s english) Good evening !

  2. Oh, Katrina, that you would ever question the beauty and light you share with the world makes me so sad, but thank you for sharing this because if YOU can feel discouraged, surely it does happen to everyone. You are such a precious gift to us all.

  3. Lovely Katrina, it’s wonderful that you are not letting discouragement dim your light. Keep shining. Let others have their talk. You just make your work and love your life!

  4. Thank you Katrina. I have been feeling that way lately and haven’t even wanted to post anything I have created. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Your work is so envied by me and MANY others. You are awesome!

  5. Such great thoughts you have written so beautifully. You inspire in so many ways and have such a gift for those who find on your journey. Love this so much sweet lady. ??

  6. Sweet Katrina! This happens to everyone, especially the people out in front. They are following their own inner beat and with no familiar landmarks ahead, those of us doing that can momentarily feel lost. I just keep walking toward the light that feels right to me… thanks, Giulietta


  7. This was the perfect time for me to read this as I having been questioning my talent for art or lack of talent.Your words of encouragement are so helpful Katrina. I am still trying to find my style of art I wish to do. I see you do different forms of art which I like. That way you do not get bored. I loved your storytelling intuitive form of art.
    Thanks again for all you do encouraging us newcomers to learn and enjoy art.

  8. I love your work! Your beautiful light shines through it! I feel finding one’s style is important, I’m 84 and have been painting on and off for years and I have only just realised what mine is and started to think about it seriously recently. One just has to keep making Art Thank you so much for giving me these wonderful and inspiring lessons.

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