Woodland Magic


Do you love to get inspired by nature?
For as long as I can remember I’ve had a strong connection with nature and Mother Earth.
When I take walks in the nature I come back with an incredible sense of peace and calm, I feel regenerated and inspired.
I especially love to hike in the forest and mountains, sit among the pines, and even take off my shoes and connect with the earth.
I bring my camera along to capture these special places I visit, as stop to discover magic along the way.
I then take these photos and magical experiences back to my studio as inspiration for my paintings.
In this workshop I will show you how I like to capture these special moments on canvas, and the magic we experienced while on one of our nature walks.
We will paint a woodland scene in acrylic, using luminous layers to create depth and light and bring the magic of nature back into our home and heart.

What you will learn in this workshop:
  • Getting to know your acrylics
  • Mixing colors
  • Getting inspiration from nature
  • Painting a woodland scene
  • Special effects for leaves and grass
  • Painting an animal with acrylics
  • creating layers and washes on canvas
  • And so much more!