Ask the Angels – The Akashic Realm

Hello Beautiful souls,

Today I’d like to explain what the Akashic Records are and why we would want to access them.

A few years ago when I started my journey of deep healing through some shadow work, I wasn’t yet familiar with the Akashic Records and what it was. I realize that if I’d have known sooner it might have helped speed up the process.

Working with the Akashic Realm is an excellent tool for personal growth and healing.

With some some practice and concentration many of us can all access the Akashic Realm, and you will find it is well worth the effort.

The Akashic Realm

So what really is the Akashic Realm?

The Akashic realm is a place in the etheric plane – or astral realm – that holds the collective Akashic Records for all of humanity.

It is the “Book of Life” which holds a dimension of wisdom that goes beyond what anyone can access through their personal Akashic Records.

Akasha (derived from a Sanskrit word) literally translates into “primary substance” or a “hidden place – to be”. This substance is a vibrational light – or thread – that holds imprints of every thought, word, and deed of all beings in the universe since the beginning of time. in other words the Soul of the World – and the Essence of all things.

The Records have been recognized in every Spiritual tradition and have been referenced since thousands of years. They were accessed by ancient people of various cultures, including the Druids, Egyptians, Christians, Mayans, Indians, Chaldeans, Greeks, Chinese, Hebrews, Tibetans, and other peoples of the Himalaya.

In this Realm there are divine spiritual beings who are referred to as the Guardians or Keepers of the Akashic Records. These Guardians help us access our Akashic Records, and protect the information contained there.

Your personal Akashic records – and why access them

Each one of us has a personal Akashic Record. It’s our soul’s “database” where everything that ever transpired – or will transpire – is recorded and processed through time and space. Our records support our soul’s growth, and is a safe space to access for information and healing.

Intuitive teacher and author Linda Howe, who leads workshops on accessing the Akashic records, says: “Today, the Records are no longer the exclusive domain of saints, scholars, and mystics. The collective consciousness of humanity has been growing, evolving, and maturing.” I have learned so much from Linda Howe, and her methods on how to access the records really worked for me.

It’s important to realize that there is no one right way to access the Akashic records. I use prayer and meditation like most people do, but you will have to find what works best for you. It’s through a centered, grounded state that you can allow yourself to receive the knowledge and wisdom stored there.

Your angelic guides, ancestors, and loved ones that passed will also be there when you access your records to give you guidance. You might see figures or shapes, or written words, or you could hear voices speaking – but usually you will receive information through an inner knowing, a sort of sixth sense.

When I first began my visits to the Akashic Records, I was working on my own personal healing. I realized that it can be hard to be objective when working on our own soul’s journey – our inner critic of self doubt can easily distract us.

This is why I also asked for help from other oracles that were already familiar with the Akashic realm, to help and support me in my journey. I later realized that while anyone can access their own records, sometimes it really helps to have another read them for us initially to help us become familiar with how it works.

In all my Soul sessions for others I help them see what is already there – but that their self doubt was possibly blocking or hiding. I help support their journey towards awareness and healing.

Spiritual healing can only happen through self-acceptance and processing what the records bring up to be released. They never impose themselves on us or interfere with our choices. They don’t tell us what to do, they simply offer guidance from a place of compassion and love, responding to our cry of help and assistance.

The Akashic Records can help us heal and grow by providing us with the understanding we need to move forward in our lives. They empower us so we can create a real change, release any self-limiting beliefs, and find our way back to our innermost self.

I really hope this article gave you some insight and understanding on this realm, and that it will help you continue to grow in your soul’s path and life’s journey.

With so much love and light,


Ask the Angels – The Crystalline Realm

Hello beautiful souls, welcome!

In this week’s transmission I wanted to share a very interesting and exciting discovery.

During my soul readings it is always quite an adventure to learn and discover about various realms and star systems. I feel that each time something new is revealed – a missing link or pieces to a big puzzle that is slowly falling into place.    

The angelic Crystilline Realm and Sirius starsystem

While consulting the Akashic Records of a few starseed souls in my past readings, I have come across certain particularities that were interestingly linked. 

These souls were of Sirius star system* origin, (usually Sirius B – a water planet of Sirius) and when I asked what their soul mission was, I was told they are “Messengers of the Crystal Realm.”

I know there is a crystal city in Sirius B, I have had distinct visions, dreams, and soul memories – and have even painted it recently as well.

“Messenger of the Crystal Realms, Keeper of light codes and ancient magic” (Soul portrait for Mitzi M.)

*Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, and is known as the blue-white star system. It’s name derives from the Greek word “glowing”. It is a binary star system consisting of the main star Sirius A, and its small dwarf companion Sirius B. Souls from Sirius have a deep connection with the energies of nature and magic. (I will also be delving further into Sirian and other starseeds characteristics in future blog posts.)

But this was the first time I had come across an angelic soul that actually originated from the Crystalline Realm.   

Up until now I figured this crystal realm must be where souls go to learn about crystals and their powers, how to use this power, and how to communicate with them.

But now I realized that this realm is inter-linked with the Sirius star system, their crystal city being the primary connection – and that just as Sirius starseeds come as messengers for the crystal realms, angelic souls from the Crystalline Realm also come as messengers for Sirius star people as well. 

It’s like they work together hand in hand, serving as messengers on earth for each other.

I also saw a distinct deep bluish purplish color in this realm, with mingling tones of turquoise and bright silvery white light. The vibration is very similar to both Sirian energy and the angelic Blue Realm, but quite unique in itself.

Dragon energy and Lemuria

Most souls from either the Angelic Crystalline Realm, or Sirian starseeds that are messengers for this realm –  are connected with Dragon energy. Many have also had at least one lifetime in Lemuria*.

*Lemuria (or Mu) is one of the Earth’s lost lands – a real heaven on earth. Lemurians were deeply reverent to nature and worked closely with Mother Earth’s energy and her elements. Crystal energy and light codes were used everyday and life was sacred and perfectly balanced. Many people believe these codes are still held in Lemurian seed crystals. More on this subject will be coming in following blog posts.   

Because dragons are ancient knowledge keepers, it doesn’t surprise me that their energies are connected. 

In fact, many work as guides and protectors for the Crystalline souls or messengers. 

In Lemurian times crystals and chakras were interlinked and many Lemurians even had crystals integrated in their body. So it’s no surprise that they would have come to earth at that particular time to teach their wisdom and ways.

I know many of you who are reading this may have vague recollections or soul remembrance of this realm. I felt called to share this information from Spirit in order to shine some light on what might have been a missing link or piece to a puzzle for you. 

We are all cosmic travellers, and many of us have lived, trained, and spent many lifetimes on other starystems and realms. 

Sometimes there are certain gifts from these lifetimes that are just waiting to be unlocked through soul remembrance and activation.   

“Messenger of the Crystalline Realm, Voice of the Star People, Light Energy Healer.” – Soul Portrait for Lisa T.

Remember to keep discovering, searching and following the voice of your soul and you can’t go wrong.  

Much love and light,


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Ask The Angels – Angelic Sigils and Keys

Hello beautiful souls,

Today I would like to share a little more about the different ways we can connect with our angels.

You will need to find the best way that works for you and feels authentic and sincere. Many of you have probably already been connecting with them, and if you feel comfortable to share your experiences it would be wonderful to hear read them in the comments section below.

In this weeks post I want to share with you a rather unconventional – yet very powerful – way to connect with them.

I also strongly believe in connection through prayer and meditation – those I practice and continue to use – but I wanted to reveal an additional method that is maybe less widely known.

You can try it out for yourself and see if it resonates with you. I believe those of you who are more familiar to magick work and rituals will also find this way of connecting quite powerful and activating.

Angelic magick – sigils and keys

One method not so widely known yet is through ancient angelic symbols.

Many of these hidden symbols and keys were found in ancient scripts and documents like in the Kabbalah*, as well as in more recent forms and adapted and reworked into more workable sigils and rituals since the 1880’s. These sigils and keys are based on centuries of magickal knowledge, research, and experience, and move beyond the confines of theory and tradition. And they undoubtedly open a powerful angelic doorway.

*Kabbalah is a form of esoteric knowledge that enables you to interact with the power of angels. Kabbalah arose from Jewish mysticism but is now practiced by people of many religions. It is even useful to people who don’t believe in any religion.

They key to this doorway is need. When we have genuine need for help from the angels – rather than order them to do as you wish – the angels are compelled to heed you and respond. If you work sincerely with these sigils and keys – with real faith and trust, they will work instantly whether you feel it or not.

It’s important to remember that Angelic Magick is an opportunity to make healing possible. It shouldn’t be used to replace ordinary medicine, but rather work alongside it. In this way it will be so much more powerful.

You will need to make a simple preparatory ritual before concentrating on the specific sigil, letting your request known and repeating the specific angels name three times to open the doorway.

If you call on them with hope and and open heart, the magick activates a connection between you and your angel as you allow them to work as they will, without impatience or desperation.

Archangel Michael Sigil (From “Angelic Sigils, Keys & Calls” by B. Woodcroft)

Sometimes it will work instantly, but in many cases angelic magic will work more slowly -depending on what is best for you at this point in your life. Know that the angels will always bring the best possible outcome for you… all you need to do is trust.

Above is an example of one of the angelic sigils you can find in Ben Woodcroft’s book Angelic Sigils, Keys & Calls – who’s work I highly recommend, along with Damon Brand’s angel magick books and Healing magick from Rose Manning.

If you want to try this way of invoking the angels I highly suggest you read one of these books to better and thoroughly understand this powerful way of working.

These methods are simple, straight forward and unique, and highly powerful.

Working with Archangels

When you work with Archangels it’s helpful to know that most of them have specific areas they “specialize” in.

Whether you decide to use the method of prayer, magick sigils and keys, or meditation – remember that these are just examples so explore and see for yourself what feels right and works for you.

Some angels may “appear” to you through a feeling, sound, particular fragrance, or a glimpse of flickering light. But remember that the angel is present whether you feel anything or not.

In some cases – when you don’t know who to ask for a specific request – you can call on your guardian angel first. They will be able reveal who can best aid your specific request, and work in unison with the archangels to assist you. Know that you personal guardian angels are always near, so whenever you invoke an archangel, they will be present too.

While your guardian angel can be called on for anything you need – at any time – it is best to invoke the archangels only when there is a real great and urgent need and you are prepared for real and powerful changes. And don’t forget to be specific – the more specific your need is, the better they will be able to respond in turn.

Here is a list of some of more well-known Archangels and how they can help your specific needs. Remember that I am just touching the surface here, and there are so many more areas that you can discover for yourself as well, once you start working with them.

  • Archangel Michael – Gives you courage and spiritual strength, protection; helps you with difficult tasks; aid you in finding a new direction in your life.
  • Archangel Metatron – Aids those striving to personal growth, enables your to think deeply about important matters and make the right choices.
  • Archangel Raziel – Works with magick and manifestation; helps you develop ideas and form answers when you are stuck
  • Archangel Zadkiel – Helps free you from oppression; gives you power to tap into your own knowledge and soul memory
  • Archangel Raphael – Brings healing or relief from suffering for yourself or others you ask for.
  • Archangel Gabriel – Helps you in your own self-discovery; assists you in times of crisis
  • Archangel Sandalphon – Brings clarity; offers protection from evil forces, both human or supernatural.
  • Archangel Jophiel – Inspires and awakens creativity of any kind; brings more beauty into your life
  • Archangel Tzaphqiel – Assists in clear communication, both in speaking and written word.
  • Archangel Uriel – Helps you solve problems or dillemas, and find the right answers.
  • Archangel Haniel – Encourages feelings of love; restores relationships; and brings positive change.

I really hope I have given you some food for thought and insight into working with angels, and ideas on how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

Remember that you too are a powerful being of light, and when your heart is open and pure you can receive these wonderful blessings of abundance and healing.

Keep shining your beautiful light with the world.

With all my love,


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Ask The Angels – The Realm of the Archangels

Hello beautiful souls,

Today I would like to talk about the Archangels and their realms.

While growing up I have always had a very strong connection to one of the Archangels particular – Archangel Michael. I would often feel his strong and protective presence, and knew that if I was in difficulty or in danger I could call on him.  Sometimes I would even sense a very particular scent when he was near. 

His feminine counterpart – Archeia Faith – has also been a powerful presence lately with her gentle yet strong warrior spirit.  

Many of you know I even named my second son after Michael, because of his gentle yet warrior spirit. 

Archangel Michael – by Katrina Koltes

I realize that due to many limited beliefs we are often told that archangels don’t have the time to deal with us individually they are too busy looking after humanity as a whole. 

But throughout the years I’ve discovered that they are actually more than willing to help when and where they can – especially individually. 

And as time and space does not exist in the spirit realm in the same way it does here on earth, they are able to be many places at once and are available wherever and whenever we call on them.

We should also be aware that their power is extremely potent and should not be invoked if we are not serious about what we ask for and are truly willing for a major change or shift in our lives. Sometimes these shifts can mean the ending of one phase and the beginning of another, and may not always be how we want or imagined it, but it will always be for the highest good for all involved.

Below is a channeled conversation I had with Archangel Michael and wanted to share with you. Remember that you can also call on a specific Archangel to answer your own questions as well.  


Channeled interview with Archangel Michael

Thank you so much for showing up. Would you like to describe the Archangel Realm to us?

“Our realm is for those who choose to dedicate their existence in serving humanity, the universe, and the highest good. We are not created to do this specifically, but are given a choice. This calls for a tremendous sacrifice which means we don’t intend to incarnate and have the human experience – neither incarnate on any other star system for that matter. We choose out of pure devotion, divine love, and grace to be of complete service. In our realm we complete an intense and extensive training in order to be able to be of the highest service.” 

What is this realm like?

“It is very different from other angelic realms. It’s a place of ultimate soul service. We are always in constant movement. It is an explosion of light and colors, of which you don’t see on Earth or anywhere else. It has a very specific high vibration of pure love and grace.”

I was instantly given a glimpse of this realm, and it instantly brought tears to my eyes. The emotions were intense and there was an incredible strength felt, both powerful yet gentle, soft, and comforting. I felt myself being carried in strong arms – Michaels arms. There seemed to be multitudes of archangels swaying in a circle around us. I could feel them emanating light, and felt a warm sensation of being comforted, supported and instantly at peace.

I wanted to know how others could experience this and so I asked him:

Can everyone visit the Archangel realm? Maybe while dreaming or meditating?

“Absolutely. You can ask your personal guardian angel to guide you there. Because of the extremely high vibrational energy in our realm these visits are usually best while sleeping, but can also be done in a meditational state. It really depends on each individual.”

Out of curiosity, what do Archangels do in their spare time?

 “Since time doesn’t exist in the spirit realms we technically don’t have spare time. When we are not busy protecting others or teaching angelic souls, we are learning. As crazy as it may sound, we are ever learning and evolving, just as everything else is constantly changing and evolving.

What do you learn?

“As times change and develop on Earth and on other star systems, we learn what is most needed and how we can assist according to the highest good for each particular time and era. This way we can best fulfill our missions in the most effective and powerful way possible

What if Archangels want to incarnate and have a human experience? Or assist on Earth (or other star systems) in the physical as well as the spiritual?

“There is another realm, which is a parallel realm to ours. A sub-division as you would call it, where those particular Archangels go for a very specific training. These are the Warrior Archangels. They are specifically trained for battle against the dark forces that are present on Earth at this time. They are prepared for spiritual warfare on the physical plane, and only incarnate when absolutely necessary, and usually in groups over short periods of time. These fierce and powerful protectors and warriors are currently present here on earth even now as we speak. They work closely with us Archangels in spirit to create a force of energy between heaven and earth.”  

I believe I’ve come across a couple before – how do we recognize them?

“You may have known, met, or even raised one of these incarnated archangels. If you are reading this and something has rang a bell, and you felt a piece of the puzzle being put into place, then trust your intuition, for it always rings true. Their energy and aura is extremely particular and unmistakable. Strong and protective yet with a surprising gentleness and sensitivity. Their eyes speak of knowledge beyond their years. Unlike most angelic souls – who tend to forget their soul origin once born and need spiritual awakening to remember – the Archangel warriors tend to know exactly where they came from. Their mission is specific and they have an active power of manifestation to make things happen.”

Is there any important wisdom you would like to share with us today?

“Pay close attention to your dreams at this time. Even if you don’t always consciously remember them, while you sleep your soul travels, learns, and is given important messages. Sometimes you may be given glimpses of past or present lifetimes, or even astra travel to other realms on specific spirit missions. Maybe you have sometimes woken with a sense of physical exhaustion and a feeling that you just embarked on a long journey and needed extra rest? Listen to your body and know that your soul needs time to adjust back into the body before waking in order to feel adequately rested and restored. So make sure you are getting enough dream time because with all the daily confusion and a busy schedule, your dream time is sometimes the only space we have to speak to your soul and where you can listen and learn.”

There are many more Archangels that are less widely known and some we don’t even know about. 

In the coming weeks we will discuss more on this topic and what each specific Archangel can be called on for manifesting, and how we can invoke them. 

We will also talk about personal guardian angels and their involvement in our lives.

I hope you will join me next week for another exciting Ask the Angels transmission!

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With so much love and light. 


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Ask the Angels – Full Moon Ritual

Hello Beautiful souls,

Today is the first day of October and a beautiful full moon in Aries!

This month’s full moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon or the Full Harvest Moon.

Last night as I gazed at her nearly full orb – big and beautiful, a yellowish-golden glow in the night sky, I felt a sense of peace that I haven’t felt for a long time.

I admit that these last few weeks have been quite challenging for me. With my youngest son starting kindergarten now and not taking it very well, then getting sick and feeling emotionally and physically drained, I didn’t think I would be able to type out this week’s blog post.

But as I gazed at the beautiful moon last night, I realized that sometimes we can find peace and stillness within us, even when everything is overwhelming.

It’s in times like this that we need to be extra gentle with ourselves, and know that we are doing the best we can.

Full moon in Aries

The full moon this month can be fiery and rash. It can make you feel irritated, argumentative, and make you forget to have a little fun every now and then.

The important thing is to find a healthy balance between the time you spend caring for others and your own self care.

It’s also a great time to make a gratitude ceremony.

Because it’s in this state of gratitude that we can manifest what we most want in life. When we are concentrating on the things we are thankful for in life, it increases our vibration and charges the energy for positive things to happen.

Here is a little full moon gratitude ceremony we can do together that only takes a few minutes, but is very effective. All you will need is a pen, paper, and a candle.

full moon gratitude ceremony

  1. Begin by taking some deep cleansing breaths, releasing all the worries and stress as you exhale.
  2. Now take your pen and paper, and write down whatever has been upsetting you or causing you stress right now. It could be negative patterns or thoughts, or even something that is out of your control. Write down what it is you want to release.
  3. Next write one thing you are thankful for each thing you wrote above that’s upsetting you. It can be people, places, or things you are thankful for. As you do this you’ll realize that there is always more to be thankful for than what is upsetting or troubling you. Continue your list of gratefulness, and see how it overflows and brightens up the page. Really feel it in your body, as the energy flows and raises your vibration.
  4. Once your list is complete, hold the paper over you candle it and light it. (Make sure you do this over a heat-proof bowl or the sink so as not to catch anything on fire!) Let it burn completely as you release it all through this cleansing fire.
  5. As you do this you can say these words out loud (or say whatever feels right to you): “I am blessed, I am loved, I am healthy, I am abundant, I am happy, I am free.”
  6. Stay in that moment for a few minutes feeling the truth of these words wash over you and within you. Notice the sense of lightness and peace it brings.
  7. As you breathe deeply and feel into this present moment, thank your body for sustaining you, for being alive, for breathing, and for being here in this very moment.

For you are a radiant being of light… And you are beautiful.

With so much love,


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