Ask the Angels – Angelic Souls on Earth

Hello beautiful souls, welcome!

Today we are going to talk about angelic souls on earth — in other words, incarnated angels.

Growing up, I lived in a very strict, religious atmosphere where the idea of angels was very specific. I was taught that angels are divine spirits that are sent to protect and guide us, and we can call on them when we are in difficulty or in need of encouragement or protection.

To all of this I can wholeheartedly agree and have had my own personal confirmations. 

What I didn’t know is that angels can incarnate on earth — even many times. 

And the idea that I was one of these never began to cross my mind. To me, angels were the most beautiful and divine beings and to even begin to think I could have come from the angelic realm was unbelievable. And it doesn’t help that it’s our human nature to doubt ourselves. 

With the way society and history has depicted angels — that they are separate from us, a higher being of pure love and light — we cannot begin to consider our association with them. 

However, many incarnated angels have been on earth (and other star systems) since the beginning of time. In fact, some of you reading this may very well be one yourselves, whether you’re conscious of the fact or not. 

The truth is, angelic souls (once incarnated on earth and in a human experience), will also be capable of doing and receiving all the things humans do: hurting, suffering, feeling pain, making mistakes, making the wrong choices, doing the wrong thing, but also still loving, comforting, healing, and protecting. 

Angelic souls on earth are not saints. They are an angel having a human experience and are capable of everything a human will do — good or not so good. 

Some characteristics of Angelic Souls on Earth

So let’s talk a little about WHY angels incarnate on earth and what we can expect. 

Soul Portrait for Linda Maher

Of course, every personal experience is a little different, but there are certain characteristics that bring you to understand better either yourself or those you know to be incarnated angelic souls.

First of all, angels volunteer or sign up to come out to help out on earth. 

We willingly go, knowing how difficult life in the 3rd dimension will be, knowing that life won’t be easy. 

Because the angelic realms are so incredibly beautiful and peaceful, no one would really want to leave right? So it’s really from pure love and dedication to come to help humanity and the planet in difficult times. 

Soul Portrait for Linda Maher

We come to be a voice for the angelic realm and spirit world, to be protectors of the weak, earth guardians, and healers, bringing light in the darkness.

No angelic soul has an easy life. It’s almost as if we choose to fully experience life in all its aspects —suffering and all— to be able to truly understand and better relate to the human race.  

Many angelic souls once on earth (especially in the first incarnations) find it very hard to adapt to life on earth at first. There is a sense or feeling of being alone and utterly abandoned. 

There are feelings of disappointment and difficulty to adapt to a human body full of limitations, a society where there is so much evil, hate, and violence. 

These feelings can be so overwhelming that sometimes it triggers depression or physical illness, obesity, or lack of self-care or self-appreciation, and the need to “get out” to go back home, where everything is beautiful, peaceful, and safe. 

Angelic souls are often also easily taken advantage of, mostly because of our highly empathic nature, and because we have the most difficult time saying “no”.

We give and give and give, without realizing that we are in a human body with all its limitations. We push ourselves to the limit, almost unconsciously. And the times we do take for ourselves, we feel guilty, ashamed, or undeserving.

 And that makes us an easy target for spiritual vampires, also known as soul vampires. 

Growing up doing mental health care and disaster relief work, I have had many of my own experiences with these and it can be very difficult to move forward or to break free — especially if it’s someone you know. A loved one or family member even.

These spiritual attacks can also happen to starseeds, particularly those whose soul mission is to heal and help those types of people or with a very high and pure aura/light. 

The best thing to do in these cases is to call on your angelic guides and soul family, and particularly Archangel Michael to create a protective barrier around your energy. 

How do you know if you are an Angelic Soul?

I believe that every angelic soul is an oracle, whether they are fully aware of it or not. There is an open channel/connection with spirit that can be activated and reinforced with dedication and practice.   

It’s possible that, as you are reading this, you know deep down that you have always felt it. But maybe due to fear, doubt, or lack of self-esteem, you believed it wasn’t possible.  

You may also have suspected you are an angelic soul, a starseed, or wonder where your soul came from, and what you came to earth for.

You wonder why you chose to incarnate at this specific time, what your mission is, and how you can fulfill it.   

I encourage you to meditate on this question. Sit quietly and still, center in and ask yourself: “What is inviting my soul’s gifts, talents, and unique essence to shine and be called forth in a stronger way?”

The answer will be inside you and it’s usually that first still small voice — the one that instantly gets drowned out with logic and doubt — that is the true answer. But it’s so easy to miss it if we are not listening carefully.

And a seer will also be able to confirm or discover your soul origin, which is also very helpful in understanding who you truly are and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, which is how it happened for me. 

It can release blocks, aid you in letting go of what is hindering you to step into your full life’s path. 


Many times we have the answers right in front of us but because of fear or doubt we refuse to see them and it takes some help and confirmations to be able to accept them. 

You also have to truly want it, even knowing that it is never an easy road. 

I can tell you from my own personal experiences, it will be scary, insecure, and doubt will surface. 

But that’s part of the journey, part of the deal — it won’t happen unless you really want this change, and are ready for it — fully and completely.

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Interview with Annie Hamman

Today I would like to present to you my beautiful soul sister Annie Hamman. Annie is an amazing Spirit Artist, oracle, and a good friend of mine.  When I met Annie online I felt as if I knew her forever. I later discovered why we felt this connection and why I was so drawn to her art. 

Annie, like me, is an Old Soul, an angelic soul that has been here on earth for many lifetimes, and we are soul sisters. 

I am sure you will enjoy her views and experiences, and find them refreshing and inspiring. 

Some of Annie’s beautiful artwork:

If you want to see more of Annie’s art, please check out her website or Instagram here.

I hope you enjoyed our discussion today and will join me here again next week where I have some more exciting topics to share.

(Please feel free to write any questions or topics you would like me to cover in the comments below.)

With so much love and light,


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