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Beautiful Souls,

It is with great excitement and courage that I come here today with the first of many transmissions to come.

Lately I have been feeling the calling to share more with you all and to be a voice and light in the darkness that is now so prominent on our planet.

I know there is much confusion, darkness, and suffering, and it can get overwhelming. 

This is also due to fear. Fear of not knowing what comes next. Fear that everything we once knew to be safe and comfortable may now come to and end. 

However, I believe that this is just the beginning. 

This the start of a new phase and age, a new way of being. A new vibration. 

Now is the time when all of us lightworkers – angelic and starseed souls alike — are to answer the call. 

Beloveds, what can we do to bring more balance and light into this planet?

I have been asking myself this for the last months, and now, I have finally understood what I am being called to do.

How it all began

From the start of my life, I have had a strong bond with spirit. 

I grew up with a very intense day-to-day life — living communally, doing full-time disaster relief work, rehabilitation programs both for the physically and mentally sick. 

Later in my early teen years I suffered from a painful trauma that brought me into the Dark Night of the Soul and a creative block and complete disconnection of self. Those dark and painful times served to build a deep inner strength, a solid connection with spirit, and a major shift in my life. 

The pieces of a puzzle that I struggled to put together all my life finally began to fall in place and I began to remember my true soul purpose — to bring clarity and remembrance to others who are lost and longing to remember and to those who are searching for the truth. To create that bridge between heaven and earth, the physical and the spirit realm, and be a Messenger and Bringer of Truth.   

During these past months I have held many soul sessions for souls that were searching like I was. 

Through these sessions -— and my own healing journey — I have seen and learned so much. 

I have had glimpses of angelic realms, starsystems, messengers from beyond, ascended masters, past lives, ancestors, and spiritual realms…

I realized that so many of us long to know more and to be able to remember.  

So with this new series of weekly transmissions, I am excited to share with you what I have learned and to be a channel and messenger for the spirit realms, the angelic realms, and to share these visions and information I have received and will keep receiving.

I believe that now more than ever, we need this guidance from beyond to understand and bring soul recognition, remembrance, and light.

Discovering the Angelic Realms

In the following transmissions, I will be sharing glimpses of the different angelic realms I have seen and visited during my spirit journeys and sessions.

Yes there are many angelic realms. I haven’t seen or read anything on this subject before, but I’ve distinctly seen and felt the differences. 

I found that in my experience, each realm connects and interacts with the other, and there are also distinct color differences, mostly colors which I have rarely seen here on Earth.  

For example, there is one angelic realm – The Realm of Sound – that I have seen as a place of deep healing. Angelic souls who come from this place usually come to Earth as oracles and healers through sound frequencies. 

People who have been through deep pain and suffering during a lifetime would go there to heal their soul before returning to their next incarnation. I have been there for this reason. I know many of you will recognize it as well.

As I was talking with my beautiful angelic soul sister Mei Lan Maurits some days ago, (who is in fact an amazing angelic sound healer) as I described this place, feeling it was her soul realm, she instantly recognized it and we compared our visions and experiences.  

Another realm I know well is a place of Angel Warrior training.

Angels from all realms that are called to be a warrior, Valkyries and Knights, Kings and Leaders, Bringers of Truth, Defenders of the Weak, those who will experience extreme hardships and battles – and who need to be prepared for this – are taught and trained in the realm of the Warrior Angels.

There I have learned how to wield a flaming sword of light, which I have often felt when I was going through extreme hardships and pain.

Then there is the Realm of Light.

I have distinct memories of this realm and believe it was where my soul was created. I have a beautiful soul sister here on Earth – Annie Hamman – whom we share similar memories, experiences and visions, and whom I have shared many lifetimes with. Annie is also an amazing Spirit Artist and oracle.

In this incredibly beautiful realm, we learn how to work with Light Magic. Light for healing, for defending, for leading, for teaching. Many of my paintings portray a woman holding a ball of light in her hands, which holds this symbolism. 

In one of the next episodes, Annie and I will be sharing more of this magical place, it’s beauty, and profound healing.

There are many other realms I have only had brief glimpses of, while reading another’s Akashic soul records on in my meditation journeys, and would like to explore more. 

One in particular that I believe is the Realm of Archangels. These archangels rarely incarnate on Earth, as they are mainly Spirit Warriors and Protectors that are needed in the spirit realm. But recently, and to my curiosity and surprise, I have seen a spirit army of archangels sent to earth for a very special mission. These archangel warriors currently are all of the same age group, all young adults and males as far as I’ve seen. They have a very specific role and mission, of which I am not completely aware of but can only begin to imagine.     

Then there is the Blue Realm. It got its name because this is the first color I see although there are also purples and gold, and shades of other colors I can’t name — high vibrational colors that are not present here on earth. 

This is a very intellectual realm, where souls come in preparation of being great leaders and teachers, priests and priestesses. This is where I have seen many of the ascended masters as well. I have felt this realm working closely with other star systems as well, especially Sirius and Arcturius. When I tune into this frequency, I feel a very high vibrational, acute energy that is very distinct. I’ve also noticed that ever since I have begun teaching, and tuning into this higher frequency while creating, I have primarily been using those colors in my art. I believe this is also a place where souls go to be initiated on their very first mission to earth or other planets. 

In these next weeks I will be diving more fully into each individual realm as well as interviewing angels and other angelic souls here on earth to share their insight and experiences. I will be taking you on some meditation journeys where we can visit these realms in the spirit, and experience their magic and healing together.

I may also interview Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith whom I have been working with often and other members from the Council Of Light, to share their voice and wisdom here. 

(For those of you who are not familiar with the Council of Light, they are a council of beings from many different starsystems, angelic realms. There I have channeled Galactic guides, Merlin for example, the goddess Isis, Commander Ashtar, and many, many archangels and ascended masters – all of which are here to guide and aid us in this difficult time on Earth.)

I believe there is so much they can share with us — so much powerful advice and information that can help us have a better understanding of the spirit world and I am excited to dive into many different topics, interviews, and questions you may have in these coming weeks. 

Are you ready to join me and other likeminded souls on this journey?

I am positive that if you have read this far, your soul has been calling you to discover more to feel more safe and protected and guided and to step into your full power and be the person you are meant to be.

Maybe it sounds a little scary, a little overwhelming, but it’s a step towards a new and more powerful knowing and way of being. We have nothing to lose. 

See you in the next edition of Ask The Angels. I hope you will join us!  

With so much love and light,


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