Ask the Angels – The Realm of Sound

Hello beautiful souls,

Welcome to another week of Ask the Angels!

Have you ever listened to music and felt that your soul recognized these sounds and frequencies?

The angelic Realm of Sound is a profoundly healing and restorative realm.

It’s place our soul can go when we are in need of deep soul healing… Especially after a particularly traumatic lifetime.

In many of my soul memories and visions I been have taken there. And I know many of you have distant soul memories yourself that are waiting to be reawakened.

It’s when we listen to these sound frequencies here on earth, we can spiritually travel into to this realm…

healing in the Realm of Sound

In this beautiful angelic realm, the first thing I see is a magnificent tree.

It’s not just an ordinary tree – it vividly glows with a golden glow, an aura of dusky pink and gold, shimmering and glowing with and unearthly light. The trunk seems to glow from within, and vibrates sound frequencies, that flow into the leaves which swirl all around you. They are floating all around, lifting you up into into their embrace as you sway with the sounds. You feel light as a feather, the soft silkiness of the leaves caressing your skin and filling you with healing light and sound.

As you are brought closer to tree, you realize the tree is floating as well – gently swirling ad swaying with each sound frequency.

Near this tree is a man with incredibly kind eyes and a long white beard – he is the guardian of this healing angelic realm.

He explains that souls come here when in need of deep healing, and of deep restoration.

And we can visit this realm whenever we need it.

This healing realm will always know what our soul is in need of – and will comfort and heal it accordingly.

I know many of you may have already been there in spirit – maybe while listening to those particular sound frequencies. Others may be longing to remember as well.

Once of my soul sisters Mei-Lan Maurits creates beautiful sound healing frequencies, and in fact have we have discussed the similarities of our soul memories, of the healing tree and it’s guardian.

So I’d like to invite you now to come with me in this short guided meditation, and experience this beautiful gift of healing for yourselves.

You only need ten minutes of your day to listen.

I hope it will aid in healing whatever is aching in your heart today, and bring you some light and love where needed.

A guided meditation into the healing Realm of Sound

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