Ask the angels – The Realm of Light

Beautiful souls, welcome.

In the recent blog posts I’ve shared about many different angelic realms. These included the Realm of Sound, The Valkyrie Realm, The Crystalline Realm, and much more.

Today I want to talk about a realm that’s very dear to me – my soul realm…

The Realm of Light.

The angelic Realm of Light is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful realm. It is filled with colors that vary from golden pinks and teals to deep turquoise and purples. Words can hardly describe these colors as they have an ethereal glow that I haven’t seen here on Earth. These are the colors that I often use when creating. They resonate deeply with my energy, and make me feel alive…they remind me of home.

There are beautiful snowcapped mountains, deep green forests, with crystalline lakes and caves. And the the sky! It is connected with everything above, between and below – in ethereal shades of coral pinks and gold and everything in between.

This is the realm of the Light Healers and Light Bearers.

Ever since I was little I could see and feel the light that emanated from my being, warmly glowing through my hands. I didn’t fully understand it yet but I sensed it was something very special that I was meant to use for healing and creating.

These feelings and flashbacks of memory all began with my reoccurring dreams.

I believe that while we sleep, we often relive moments we have locked into our soul memories. We feel as if we were physically there – in another time and place familiar to our subconscious minds.

The Realm of Light

I would often dream that I was flying over beautiful snowcapped mountains, with wings of light. I could feel the gentle breeze on my face, a feeling of complete bliss and belonging.

Flying beside me were other winged beings of light. As we flew over the peaks, we could spot crystalline lakes of teal and deep turquoise, gleaming from above. Sometimes we would playfully dive down with lightning speed and then soar back up twirling and dancing in the wind.

Our wings created sparkles and streaks of light, a magnificent sight indeed!

There were crystal caves of many colors and sounds… The crystals gave off various tones, sound frequencies, and beams of light. This was a healing place, and were we could rest recharge.

It’s no secret that for angelic souls it can be hard to be on earth. I know many of you have felt the deep longing to go home. I talked more about this in my blog post Pathways of Light

But we choose to come to Earth for a very specific mission and reason. Many of you who may feel resonance with this realm – whether your soul originated form here or you have spent time in soul training – will know that this light is meant for a purpose. This particular light not only lives within us but is channeled through us directly from this realm.


“Warrior of the Heart, Defender of the weak, Speaker of truth”. Soul portrait for Linda Maher

Many I know have been called to use this light for healing, whether that be through Reiki, hands on healing, Plant medicine, or other methods. Others have been gifted this light for being a beacon in the darkness, and a guide, teacher, or mentor to others, often through creative means like writing, art, or music.

I believe many of you who are reading this right now have felt this light, as it flows through your hands and heart: You can feel it’s warmth spreading all around you surrounding you in a flame of light.

This light is within you, a part of you, and is meant to shine.

“Angel of Hope”

Sure there will be times you will feel like you have used up every drop, that there is none left to give.

When I feel this way I close my eyes, face towards the sun, and hold out my hands (palms up). I instantly see light grids and codes, and my angels and soul family surrounding me. They hold out their own hands towards mine as their light flows back into mine.

This light is gifted to each one of you too, if we you willing to receive it with an open heart.

What will you do with your light today?

Your soul knows the answer, it’s been there all along.

May your path be filled with light today.

Much love,