My journey

Hello beautiful souls,

Welcome to my mini workshop My journey!

This was my lesson for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 collaborative workshop with Olga Furman, so for whoever of you missed it then you can now enjoy my lesson as an individual mini workshop.

In the first painting project “My journey” I will be showing you my mixed media techniques as we share our story through art. We will be making lots of layers using collage, acrylics, mixed media while adding symbolism and surrealism to portray what we want to express.

In our bonus lesson “Spirit of the dragon” I will show you some different layering techniques with inks and stencils on wood as we create an intuitive painting of our Spirit Dragon. I will also show you some fun ways to decorate your wood panel.

There is a total of 8 videos (about 220 minutes total), plus a supporting PDF to accompany the main lesson.

I really hope you enjoy creating some meaningful, intuitive story art with me!


Please note that you don’t have to go out and buy everything! Many things can be substituted with what you have.

  • Willow charcoal or charcoal pencil & kneaded eraser
  • Canvas board or other substrate like wood panel or heavy watercolor paper
  • Inktense stick (I used a yellow ochre)
  • Gesso
  • Assorted brushes, flat, round, liner for details
  • A rag, paper towels or wet wipes
  • Heavy body acrylics (I used Titanium white, Payne’s gray, Turquoise deep, Dioxazine purple, Teal, Alizarin crimson, Cadmium yellow and red medium for skin tones, burnt umber.
  • Collage papers or patterned napkins in the same color tones you are painting.
  • Matt medium
  • White pastel and color pencil palette for mixing, small ruler 
For the bonus lesson
  • Wood cradle board or substrate of your choice
  • Some inks in colors you love ( I used FW neons) or Fluid acrylics if you have
  • Titanium white and Paynes gray or black in heavy body acrylics .
  • Acrylic paintbrushes (a medium or large plus one fine round for details)
  • Baby wipes, a rag a small sponge for stenciling
  • A small palette 
  • Stencils (the more random the design the better) 
  • White and black charcoal or pastel pencil to draw the figure
  • Collage papers for sides if you are using the wood cradle board  
  • Matt medium or gel medium  
  • Gold or silver leaf or flakes (optional)


  • Getting familiar with acrylics
  • Mixing colors and skin tones
  • Creating an under painting
  • Using collage to create interesting patterns
  • Layering with inks, acrylics and stencils to create interesting backgrounds
  • Creative story telling through art
  • painting intuitively
  • achieving a glow effect with acrylics
  • painting a portrait with hands
  • painting in layers
  • using surrealism to spark interest
  • Connecting to our Spirit Animal guide
  • Creating a collage frame on wood panel
  • Using the dry brushing effect 
  • Setting the mood and an intention before painting
  • Using gold leaf
  • using elements and symbolism to tell a visual story
  • and so much more!