The Water Faery

Hello wonderful creatives,

I’m so happy to be able to share this mini workshop with you!

I had originally created this workshop last year for Ivy Newport’s Studioworks Creative Academy, so for those of you who missed it you can now enjoy it here!

In this class I combine two of my favorite things: Watercolor & Faeries!

I also love to paint from my dreams, as often our dreams are our subconscious minds and soul giving us glimpses of other realms, past lives, and magical possibilities.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me as we bring to life this magical Faery through our painting.

Supply list

1) Watercolor paper (I used a 9×12″ Fabriano hot press) or watercolor or mixed media journal

2) Pencil & eraser

3) Watercolors: You only need a few colors of your choice. These are the ones I used in tubes: Daniel Smith: Quinacridone gold ( a golden yellow), Imperial purple (deep, cool purple), Opera Rose (bright pink), Quinacridone Rose (deep pink), Green Gold (light green) Windsor & Newton: Cobalt turquoise light (teal), Phthalo Turquoise (deep turquoise), Aqua green, Payne’s gray.

4) Paintbrushes: A large round (I used an 8) and a fine liner for details

5) Palette for mixing colors 6) Water jar, napkins, salt

7) white gel pen or sharpie

8) Color pencils of the same tones as your colors, and a dark color like payne’s gray or black.