Giveaway for PYH&S 2021


Hello creative friends,

I can finally reveal that I’m going to teaching for the fourth year in “Paint Your Heart and Soul” and I’m giving away a FREE spot in that super amazing course!

Keep reading to learn more about this workshop and how to enter my raffle!

You might have already heard about this amazing course as it is one of the most popular art classes in our online art community.

However, if you’ve never heard about it before – it is not just another online class!

In a nutshell, this is a year-long fun and informative art course with weekly lessons, where you not only can learn how to create gorgeous art and improve your skills using different art supplies, but also to share your progress and interact with instructors and students from all
around the world from the convenience of your own home and time.

This course is great for everyone who is looking to learn, beginners and experienced artists are welcome!

Let’s explore your artist voice, and get inspired to grow creatively!

In this workshop I’m going to teach my acrylic techniques as we connect with the elemental spirits of water and paint a mermaid or selkie.
We will connect with our intuition to create and channel these spirits and beings of nature, inviting their magic to empower and deepen our creativity practice.

I’m especially thrilled, because PYHaS2021 is the best edition yet, with a great team of participating teachers and the variety of art techniques and subjects we are going to create!

With at least 55 downloadable video lessons from 35 amazing artists we hope that by the end of the year you will develop your own style and feel confidence in creating with different mediums!

And the price is amazing! Under $2 ($1.80) per lesson during our Early Bird special!

Don’t wait – join now and save $70 from regular price!

This year-long course starts January 2021.
(Sale ends after the first 500 customers or October 27th, 2020, whichever comes first)

This course is hosted by the artist Olga Furman and is a collaboration of 35 international artists.
All of us are excited to share our creative process with you, knowledge, tips and tricks, step by step, from start to finish.
We also provide a closed FB group where we all can communicate, share, receive support and meet like-minded friends.

And what’s more – I’m going to give one of you a FREE spot in the course!
(If you win the giveaway after you’ve signed up you will be fully reimbursed!) 


To enter the Giveaway raffle, please do the following:

  1. Share this post on your social media (each share on a different social media counts as one entry – multiple entries are encouraged!)
  2. Follow me on Instagram & sign up to my newsletter
  3. Comment below what subject/medium you are most excited to learn next year, and where you have shared this post (so I can add you to the raffle)!

I will announce the lucky winner on September the 21st!

*If you’ve already paid for the course and win the spot, you will get a full refund!

I can’t wait to start creating together!

With so much love and light,


62 thoughts on “Giveaway for PYH&S 2021

  1. This sounds really fun! I’ve been doing Lifebook 2020 this year and was wondering what I want to do next year…. I shared your post on Facebook and follow you on Instagram (@73.serendipity)

  2. What i love about this project is the variety of teachers, techniques, materials used and sharing with a community from all over the world, united by art. I have shared this post on Facebook.

  3. Amazing give away would Love to learn about pastels and structure paints. BeAutiful list of teachers. Since Corona is here and All the News is Sometimes tough I find it Nice to Be at home and learn create and grow and Enjoy little things in live and have fun with colours and craft materials Would Be lovely to join in. Fingers crossed. Greethings patricia

  4. Exciting news
    I shared on FB : The Art of Joy
    Will do also on Instragram (theartofjoy_67) as soon as it’s available on your account
    Would love to learn more about acrylic fantasy painting

  5. This sounds like a wonderful course, I have been a member of PYHS for several years and the classes are wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to win 2021 –

  6. Shared on Facebook. Looking forward to learn from different artists their techniques in watercolour, acrylics and mixed media.

  7. Shared on Facebook. Interested to learn from different artists techniques painting with watercolours, acrylics and mixed media.

  8. I have always been drawn to elementals and spirit. Having only recently discovered creativity as part of my healing process I am eager to learn different mediums. I love the feel and energy of your work. Would love, love to win a spot. Shared on fb to 3 different pages, following on Instagram and also advising my local art group about this wonderful year long experience. ???

  9. I’m Interested in the digital lessons. I love seascapes, so it would be interesting to see the lesson on this. Posted Fb.

  10. Thank you for this opportunity… I love mixed media so anything that would combine different materials I would love to learn! Shared on Facebook and Instagram!

  11. I love all mediums oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and I’m just learning about Encaustics.

  12. Such a joy you spread your magic in Paint Your Heart and Soul next year. My favorite medium is oil pastels. And I shared on Facebook to make a chance to win a free seat in next year’s class.

  13. Love to win a free spot for next year. Shared on Facebook. And my favorite medium I love to learn more of is oil pastel. I share your love for Senneliers

  14. I have so many lessons still to do from 2020, but I have really enjoyed these and learned a lot. I love the variety of media used and subjects. I currently use mostly pastel and watercolor, so would like to develop those skills, adding in something new once in a while just for fun!

    I shared the post on Facebook at Nancy Seawell Sanders.

  15. I would love to continue growing my skills with acrylics. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. ?

  16. I would love to continue growing my skills with acrylics. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. ?

  17. Awesome ! Thanks for the chance to win..shared the link on FB and my Instagram stories!

  18. I would love to learn mire about encaustic but all the teachers sound awesome! Shared on FB and Instagram!

    1. I’ve shared it too, on Instagram. i love to join this class because its a huge opportunity to learn from so many talented artists. I love to learn more about watercolors. Thank you so much

  19. Shared!! I really hope I can continue with PYH&S next year! I love working with acrylics but hope to use more oil pastels next year!! Thankyou for the opportunity! 🙂

  20. Hello Katrina! I’ve followed you for a long while now. I love your style. I would love to learn more about Oil Pastels. I look forward to seeing you in PYH&S 2021!

  21. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in PYHS2021…I am interested in learning watercolour…I already follow you on instagram and your newsletter…I have posted in facebook….thank you…….

  22. Love the opportunity for this course – so many artists and techniques!! Love also the class material from Katrina. Shared on facebook.

  23. Thank you for this generous opportunity. I would love to increase my acrylics skills and learn more about encaustic. I have shared on my Facebook and Twitter! 🙂

  24. What a beautiful opportunity to learn from so many mentors, including my favorite, Katrina Koltes! Love the subject matter she is presenting. Shared on facebook.

  25. Shared on Facebook. I am excited to learn more portrait work. I always said I would never ever do portraits and now I’m hooked.

  26. Thank you Katrina. This is so exciting. Ive shared on Facebook and Twitter. I’m hoping to learn more about using watercolors, as I usually struggle with them. Would louve to win a spot in thre clad. Thank you so much.

  27. How exiting! I can’t wait for it ?? I’m looking forward to kearn about watercolour. I shared your post on fb ?

  28. What a fantastic line up of artists! Full of variety and inspiration! I would love to learn more about painting with watercolours because I love the transparency of the medium. I shared the post to Facebook.

  29. Hi Angel Katrina !!! I shared this blog post on my facebook wall. I have already signed up for your newsletter. However I do not have an instagram account and do not plan on makining one. I hope everything else I did is enough for participating in the free spot you are offering. The medium I would very much like to learn is making and painting air dry clay faces or figurines. Thank you very much for the chance !!!

  30. Shared on Twitter! Would love to learn more about watercolors, how to layer with out making them dull or muddy.

  31. Hi Katrina! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I’ve shared your exciting news on my Facebook page and on my Pinterest page – @bonitahendriks . I would love to learn more about painting in acrylics <3

  32. I have share it on my Instagram (made_by_jannike). I’m taking the PYHA 2020 and I agree with you that is one of the best courses I’ve taken. I would love to learn more techniques, different techniques and it doesn’t matter what mediums or maybe a new one that I have never used before would be quite fun.

  33. Done! Shared on Instagram and Facebook! I’m looking forward to learning how to work with paint! This would be awesome ??

  34. Thank you Katrina….I would like to get more familiar with pastels…that inner glow you create! Sharing on my two FB accounts and Instagram for chances to win…thanks again!

  35. I already follow you on instagram and get your newsletter.
    I shared your post on instagram and pinterest

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