A Return to the Light

Beautiful souls,

As we near the closing of this year and welcome the Winter Solstice, we can take time for reflection.

I won’t deny that this year has been a difficult one – like many I’ve lost someone I loved dearly, been through financial difficulty, lost a home, and much more.

But in times like this when we are cracked open, that we must not let the weight of the world and all that has been happening crush our spirits.

It’s when things are at it’s darkest that our light is ignited – it’s through the extreme pressure of life’s trials that diamonds are cultivated.

If we we can surrender to the process and let ourselves be cracked open, we create a space for our soul’s light to more fully enter.

It can be a challenge for us souls to have a human experience – to be in the world but not of it.

But let me remind you that we fully chose to be on Earth at this time. We are being called now to fully focus our energies and and to be fully present – right here and now – to what life has to offer us.

Its no secret that right now is a powerful time on Earth. Portals are opening and planets are aligning. This is a time of “returning to the light” – a time where the veil between dimensions is thin, and where we are more open and connected to the energies of the Earth.

A very rare alignment is taking place at this time known as the Great Conjunction: An opening of a portal that will allow streams of high frequency energies to reach the planet, allowing a New Earth to be birthed.

Your thoughts are extra powerful right now. This is a time where you can step forward and reach for what you’ve always dreamed of, a time when great leaps can be made.

All you need to do is ask yourself:

  • What am I ready to change?
  • What reality would I like to create for myself?
  • What would I like to manifest in my life and those around me?

Don’t loose focus and be conscious and clear with your emotions and thinking. It’s time you reaped the rewards of all you’ve been working towards. The time is right so don’t hesitate and let the universe work for you. All you need to do is allow and trust that you are supported.

The portal is open – so jump right in.

I am Light – By Katrina Koltes

I awoke so that others may awaken

I learn so that others may also learn

I transform so that others may also transform

I forgave myself so that I may help others to forgive

I love myself so that I may bring out love in others

I live to shine Divine light

I live to Be truth

I live to unify

I live to love


With so much love,


A New Dawn – By Katrina Koltes