• The Water Faery

    by KatrinaKoltes
    7 Lessons
    • The Water Faery - 29,00

    Hello wonderful creatives, I’m so happy to be able to share this mini workshop with you! I had originally created this workshop last year for Ivy Newport’s Studioworks Creative Academy, so for those of you who missed it you can now enjoy it here! In this class I combine two of my favorite things: Watercolor … Continue reading The Water Faery

  • The Full Moon Goddess

    by KatrinaKoltes
    10 Lessons
    • The Full Moon Goddess - 29,00

    For as long as I remember I have been drawn to the moon and it’s magical beauty. There is so much we can learn and manifest when we work with the power of the full moon. In this workshop I will share some Full moon practices, rituals and meditations you can do to connect with … Continue reading The Full Moon Goddess

  • Lady Galadriel

    by KatrinaKoltes
    8 Lessons
    • Lady Galadriel - 29,00

    Hello beautiful souls, Welcome to my mini workshop Lady Galadriel & the Pool of Visions! This was my lesson for Ever After 2018 collaborative workshop with Tamara Laporte, so for whoever of you missed it then you can now enjoy my lesson as an individual mini workshop. In this painting project I will be showing … Continue reading Lady Galadriel

  • The Venetian mask

    by KatrinaKoltes
    7 Lessons
    • The Venetian Mask - 29,00

    Hi friends, Welcome to this fun mini workshop! Many of you know I’ve been living in Italy for many years now, and one of my favorite places to visit has always been the city of Venice. There is something about those little windy streets and canals blended with the 18th century history that make it … Continue reading The Venetian mask

  • My safe place

    by KatrinaKoltes
    9 Lessons
    • My safe place - 29,00

    I’m so happy to be able to offer this mini watercolor workshop for your self-study! This was my lesson in Lifebook 2018, so for those of you who missed my lesson there you can now enjoy it here! All the videos are downloadable and you have lifetime access! In this workshop I will go through … Continue reading My safe place

  • Whispers of nature

    by KatrinaKoltes
    23 Lessons
    • Whispers of Nature - 57,00

    Hi creative artists, welcome to another new adventure together! I’ve been longing to put together this workshop for some time now, and as any of you know who have taken my other classes, a lot of love, research, experimenting, and exploration has gone into this workshop, a real labor of love.  For as long as … Continue reading Whispers of nature

  • Watercolor dreams

    by KatrinaKoltes
    17 Lessons
    • Watercolor Dreams - 57,00

    Are you ready for a watercolor adventure? 😀 I’ve been wanting to create this class for some time now, as you know how much I LOVE watercolors! But most of all I love to combine them with both surreal and nature-related elements to make some beautiful, dreamy portraits! I’m going to show you my methods … Continue reading Watercolor dreams

  • The art of expression

    by KatrinaKoltes
    19 Lessons
    • The Art of Expression - 57,00

    After my last class “Into the Myst” hosted by Ivy Newport, I have been eager to return and share more of my journey and story. I know many of you have long-awaited this workshop, and to be honest, although I was eager to do another class, I was almost afraid to share this more intimate side of my art, where I knew I … Continue reading The art of expression

  • Into the Myst

    by KatrinaKoltes
    18 Lessons
    • Into the myst - 49,00

    Creating this first workshop was such a magical experience! I am eager to share my amazing journey with you on how I discovered this rewarding method of painting – ultimately by trusting my intuition and imagination!  I have always been a nature lover and adore animals. I had longed to put my visions and dreams … Continue reading Into the Myst

  • Tell your story

    by KatrinaKoltes
    11 Lessons
    • Tell your story - 29,00

    I’m so happy to be able to now offer these two projects into one mini online workshop on expressing and telling our story through art! This workshop has a total of 10 videos between the two projects. In both lessons we work very intuitively, getting quiet, and listening to that still, small voice that wants to … Continue reading Tell your story