• The Goddess Isis

    by KatrinaKoltes
    12 Lessons
    • The Goddess Isis - 29,00

    I often enjoy painting my spirit guides, as I believe they have so much wisdom and guidance to share with us. Isis is a wonderful Goddess of magic and life, of protection and guidance, and really enjoy working with her. Oil pastel has long been one of my favorite mediums, both for it’s vibrancy and … Continue reading The Goddess Isis

  • The Earth Keepers

    by KatrinaKoltes
    9 Lessons
    • The Earth Keepers - 29,00

    For some years now I have been connecting with my spirit animal guides and feel their presence and wisdom in my life. The owl helps us tune into our intuition while creating while the Raven teaches us how to use the earth’s magic for transformation and renewal in our own lives. Oil pastel has long … Continue reading The Earth Keepers

  • Safe Passage

    by KatrinaKoltes
    6 Lessons
    • Safe Passage - 29,00

    Hello creative souls, Welcome! I’m so excited to share this fun winter wonderland workshop with you! I absolutely love creating story art, and especially on wood-slices.There’s something so organic about it, and I feel it connects us to nature in a special way when we create. In this project I will also show you my … Continue reading Safe Passage

  • Facing the Light

    by KatrinaKoltes
    9 Lessons
    • Facing the Light - 29,00

    Would you like to loosen up with your watercolors and create more expressive and spontaneous paintings? In this workshop I show you my fun techniques on how I like to stay loose with while creating beautiful skin tones, and expressive splashes of color. I will also show you various tips on choosing a cohesive color … Continue reading Facing the Light

  • Spirit Totem

    by KatrinaKoltes
    9 Lessons
    • Spirit Totem - 29,00

    Since quite a few years now I have been working with Spirit Animals and their protective power, guidance and wisdom. I love to paint my animal totems and use their symbolism in my artwork, and each of our own connections with the animal kingdom shows itself in various ways. Whether it be the pets in … Continue reading Spirit Totem

  • Moments in time

    by KatrinaKoltes
    5 Lessons
    • Moments in time - 19,00

    Hi friends, This is fun mini workshop with two thirty minute lessons to give you some inspiration and get your daily creative juices flowing! This course is designed for: Creative individuals of all levels, even beginner artists. Busy creative individuals who have limited time to practice  Anyone whose goal is to make practicing art a daily … Continue reading Moments in time

  • Between the Realms

    by KatrinaKoltes
    27 Lessons
    • Between the Realms - 69,00

    Hello beautiful souls, Welcome! I hope you enjoy the class! xo

  • My journey

    by KatrinaKoltes
    10 Lessons
    • My journey - 29,00

    Hello beautiful souls, Welcome to my mini workshop My journey! This was my lesson for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 collaborative workshop with Olga Furman, so for whoever of you missed it then you can now enjoy my lesson as an individual mini workshop. In the first painting project “My journey” I will be showing … Continue reading My journey

  • The Water Faery

    by KatrinaKoltes
    7 Lessons
    • The Water Faery - 29,00

    Hello wonderful creatives, I’m so happy to be able to share this mini workshop with you! I had originally created this workshop last year for Ivy Newport’s Studioworks Creative Academy, so for those of you who missed it you can now enjoy it here! In this class I combine two of my favorite things: Watercolor … Continue reading The Water Faery

  • The Full Moon Goddess

    by KatrinaKoltes
    10 Lessons
    • The Full Moon Goddess - 29,00

    For as long as I remember I have been drawn to the moon and it’s magical beauty. There is so much we can learn and manifest when we work with the power of the full moon. In this workshop I will share some Full moon practices, rituals and meditations you can do to connect with … Continue reading The Full Moon Goddess